The Beginning

On his way Goodbye checking in Goodbye dad and brothers

Today Elder Hagen left on what may be the hardest, and yet perhaps the best 2 years of his life. It was difficult saying goodbye. Lots of tears were and are being shed, but Grant was excited to go. He knows where he is going and he knows why. He was ready.

Here on this blog is the place we hope to post all we can about him; letters, pictures, current address. He asked me tell everyone just before he left that he would love to have a letter from anyone and everyone. (Thank-you Izzy for having 4 ready to go already)

So here it begins. Hopefully I (Grant’s Mom) can figure out this whole blog-o-sphere thing. You may need to be patient in the beginning as I get the hang of it. But I will get the hang of it because this makes me feel useful. It helps me feel connected to my oldest son, who I’ll only get to talk with twice a year (but hopefully have an email from every week). This is a connection with him that I didn’t realize I needed until today, as I watched him walk up stairs, through airport security, and disappear. Hopefully we will move quickly through this beginning and get to the end. I guess only time will tell.


The first e-mails

Hurray he emailed, now I may be able to sleep tonight. It’s short because he didn’t have much time but it’s enough…for now!

“Hey it´s elder hagen here, and I am at the MTC or CCM here in Mexico City!!! I have made it safe and sound with 30ish other elders and sisters, i have only been here maybe two hours and I love it, everything is so well kept, organized and invites the spirit. I am excited to be here, however, this is a general e-mail and will only have time normally to write for an hour on my p-day. I am safe and sound ready to serve.
Elder Hagen”

And here is one he wrote personally to us, which I needed so much. He was very wise to not just send a general email but to write me personally. I may not always share the personal emails, but this one I thought was good info that everyone could hear.

“I wanted to describe my trip so far in a little more detail, when i went up the ramp, past TSA i waited awhile, had a bagel and some water, then boarded the plane. I felt like i was the only one who spoke english, but i met a man sitting next to me who had just gotten his citizenship in the US and is going to Guatemala who thankfully spoke english as well, excuse any errors in my typing i am trying to rush. I talked with him for a large portion of the flight, when we touched down, he helped me through customs, i was too nervous to go alone, i mean i essentially did, but he stayed in line in front of me intentionally. when i left customs there were two hermanos there waiting for me, they told me i was the first. a plane that went from Salt Lake to Dallas was on its way and had everyone else in it two hours after i arrived. from there we took the worlds sketchiest bus ride through mexico city, pothole after pothole, people driving mere inches from each other. and now i am here, safe sound, and typing, I love you all. Be safe
Love Grant”

Send Mail to: (different then one previously posted…sorry)

Until December 10th, 2013 his address will be:
2 ways to mail

Pouch Mailing Address:

Elder Grant Hagen
Texas Fort Worth Mission
Mexico MTC
P.O. Box 30150
Salt Lake City, UT 84130-0150

Or Straight to MTC:

Elder Grant Hagen
Texas Fort Worth Mission
Carretera Tenayuca-Chalmita #828
Colonia Zona Escolar, Gustavo A. Madero
07230 Mexico, Distrito Federal