The Beginning

On his way Goodbye checking in Goodbye dad and brothers

Today Elder Hagen left on what may be the hardest, and yet perhaps the best 2 years of his life. It was difficult saying goodbye. Lots of tears were and are being shed, but Grant was excited to go. He knows where he is going and he knows why. He was ready.

Here on this blog is the place we hope to post all we can about him; letters, pictures, current address. He asked me tell everyone just before he left that he would love to have a letter from anyone and everyone. (Thank-you Izzy for having 4 ready to go already)

So here it begins. Hopefully I (Grant’s Mom) can figure out this whole blog-o-sphere thing. You may need to be patient in the beginning as I get the hang of it. But I will get the hang of it because this makes me feel useful. It helps me feel connected to my oldest son, who I’ll only get to talk with twice a year (but hopefully have an email from every week). This is a connection with him that I didn’t realize I needed until today, as I watched him walk up stairs, through airport security, and disappear. Hopefully we will move quickly through this beginning and get to the end. I guess only time will tell.


4 thoughts on “The Beginning

  1. Best wishes Elder Hagen ! You will be a fantastic missionary ! We thank you so much for being a great friend to Daniel .
    We love you and wish you the best 2 years .
    Love The Kirkham Family

  2. Much love to Grant from the Tolen household…Zach has been moping around for a few days and was so sad when he called Grant this morning only to discover that his flight had been changed to early morning, so he missed him. But we’re all proud of him and we know he’s going to do some amazing soul-saving!!

  3. What a great looking missionary!! We thought about you all day and are glad to know our prayers for you were answered.
    Knowing you, you probably sparked some interest in the gospel in that Guatemalan and he’ll be calling the missionaries when he arrives at his destination. We’re so proud of you for making the right choice at this time in your life!

  4. Truer words were never spoken! We are all proud of our Elder Hagen-Morrill! You have an army of strong and faithful family members to give you purpose, whose blood we share and a history of serving to bear you up and and send you out, We all love you so!

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