Texas 1: Cold but Happy

Well, after a week and a half of no communication we have come to our first p-day and first emails. It’s such a relief. I just don’t know how parents stayed sane in years past waiting to get word from their missionaries. He sounds wonderful and busy but cold. I think I will be sending another sweater and long shirts form missionarymall.com today.

I have posted his email to me and pieces from the one he sent his dad. I don’t get all my questions answered, but just to know he is healthy and happy is enough.

Dad’s email:

 “Hey ya we are supposed to only take an hour for e-mail so long letters are awesome to be mailed, and i will write back on p-day my area is the haltom City area, in the Hurst 3rd ward which is the only spanish ward in our stake, actually the ward covers two stakes. there are nine missionaries in our ward including us. It is a set of sister missionaries, the zone leaders, the district leader and his two companions, then us me and elder Barnette. Our ward missionaries are our district and there are only two districts, english and spanish. We are the only two spanish bike missionaries right now so that is kind of fun. it has been good, The ward is awesome, I gave a talk on Sunday for about 5 to 10 minutes in spanish, that was exciting… Our area specifically is doing a lot of reactivation, lots of the hispanic people are members about 20 families in just our area that are not active. We are teaching a couple investigators so that is nice. all in all it has been good.”
” got the small package with the bike lights, and long johns in. Thank you for that, when i recieved it, it was similar to a prayer being answered as it is so cold here. My compainion is trustworthy and wouldnt steal it. I also wanted to call from the airport, unfortunately i didnt have the opportunity to and neither did my CCM companion but the other two missionaries did, their debit cards were accepted. The phone booth machines were old and worn and didnt read cards very well.”


Mom’s email:

“Well you get the long email! I guess i can talk about our first days here. we got up at 4 in the morning to get into a van that left the CCM at 5. loaded up all of our luggage, a worker from the CCM met us at the airport and he helped us get our boarding passes if we needed help with spanish. our flight was only 4 elders, the 4 from our district and two of them had debit cards that were read by the old and worn phone booths, i tried to call from several phone booths for a good half hour. our flight left at 9 and arrived about 11.

On the plane I tried to talk to the two people in the seats next to me, but they were focused on their trips, talking about what cities to go to where all the “young people party” they werent terribly interested in a conversation with me. When we got the Texas we were greeted by the assistants to the president. who helped us with our bags and we waited until 11 other missionaries arrived from the MTC in Provo, while we waited, us 5, one of the Assistants went inside the airport with the president to greet the new missionaries, we handed out pass along cards and just kind of talked with anyone and everyone we could find. Elder ray and I began to talk to taxi drivers and got to two before the other Elders arrived. we had dinner and took pictures with the president at the mission home. then we all spent the night in the Assistants apartment, I had a couch to myself. the next morning we met our trainers, my companion’s name is Elder Barnette, and so far so good, he knows spanish pretty well and is helping me to adjust to Texas. We live in a city called Haltom, the address is

4814 Waldemar St
APT # 128
Haltom City TX 76117
any letters or packages should be sent there for the next 12 weeks as anything sent to the mission home will be withheld until a meeting, like the christmas devotionaly on Wednesday, but these dont happen frequently.
I am cold and more long sleeve shirts and a sweater would be nice. I hope to buy a scarf from a surplus place nearby. I found a spedometer for my bike with a temp gauge in it, on average especially after dinner it is around 33 degrees, not counting windchill since we are the only biking compainionship in the district.
Our district is our ward, Hurst 3rd we have 9 missionaries total in the ward. It has been alright, lots of reactivation work, feels like more than finding investigators.
The picture is of the first door i knocked, my companion took it while i wasnt even paying attention. No one answered, but we are teaching investigators, and the members in our spanish ward active or not are really friendly and all want to give us food… Oh on sunday I had to give a talk, in spanish, on the christmas season, and my testimony. with about 5 minutes to prepare as the sister who had just transferred to the ward went first. Also, my compainion and I blessed the sacrament and then there was a lunch put on by some of the members for the missionaries and bishopric. A nice homemade lasagna, it was good and a nice welcome. Also, there was a christmas, or rather the christmas choir yesterday night that we went to to meet an investigator. It was pretty awesome and reminded me of home, of the choir, they had an orchestra and a childrens choir that knew how to sing parts. all in all it was good.
Well that is about it so far, I love you, I love all of you. I want you to know that what I am doing here is not time wasted. That I am serving the lord to the best I can because I know with a surety that this is his work, his gospel, and the last dispensation to do it in. I have a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon, much stronger than when I left, it is another testament of jesus christ, the words of the prophets and their testimony and lives, lives that were spent to bring this record to our time. I know that God lives and loves us. All of you be safe, take care!
Love Elder Hagen”
First Texas Companion: Elder Barnette

First Texas Companion: Elder Barnette


The picture is of the first door i knocked, my companion took it while i wasnt even paying attention

The picture is of the first door i knocked, my companion took it while i wasnt even paying attention





One thought on “Texas 1: Cold but Happy

  1. Elder Hagen, I don’t think you will be so cold all the time. I was a few miles away in Austin at the same time as your arrival in Ft. Worth and it was cold there too. All of the natives were complaining that they had never been so cold. Try to remember the cold days next summer when it is 110 and humid! Love your posts and photos. Keep up the good work.

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