It’s cold in Texas!

Just a couple of notes so that parts of the letter are understood. Most of it will make sense as written, even though a good portion of it is in response to questions I had asked him. Towards the end it mentions Grandma Steimle, who is his Great Grandmother, who will be 95 in a few weeks. This was his response to my telling him that she was struggling mentally and physically and that the doctors  have said her body is beginning to shut down. I wanted him to be prepared for when it happens. I was surprised by his response. I had not known what Grandma said to him before he left. Also, the reason he is down to one long sleeve white shirt (if anyone remembers from a previous post) is because he had two at the MTC and after putting a pen back in his shirt pocket without the cap it had bled blue all the way down to his belly button. We have sent 3 new long sleeve white shirts that will arrive any day. After the email to me I have added the email to his dad. I like the story in it. It’s not earth shaking, but encouraging.

(Email to Mom)

“Well it was 15 degrees today, may get up to 20, and such a lovely wind chill hahaha.  9 am church sounds kind of early, we enjoy a 1:30 time this year in the Spanish ward and meetings are about at noon. This week I am starting a study journal, when tayler prepares or even reads the scriptures, I advise keeping one near by to write down verses that cover particular topics, or write his feelings and impressions on specific chapters.  Maybe I should start bringing my journal with me to the library when I e-mail, I struggle to remember what I have done when, time meshes together, my companion forgot it was New years, and it didnt dawn on me until I reminded him.


So the story that I do remember, was one that happened friday and still had consequenses saturday. So friday we did a ton of biking, up and down streets, on dirt sidewalk paths, to and fro all around our south western side of our area, borders of haltom, we ended the night by having a lesson with a less active guy and his sister and brother-in-law, people, missionaries and others were saying that he used to go on splits with the missionaries, then had to deal with a divorce, and fell away. So we talked with them, wasnt our best lesson but it happened anyway. When we went out to our bikes, we took off and began looking for more people while slowly working our way home, I noticed my bike felt different; the front tire was completely flat. After ten minutes of riding, and not wanting to destroy my bike entirely we walked home, got home late, and I changed the tire, the tube that was in it was cracked down the middle due to age and old rubber, so I replaced it with one that I found in the apartment, had patches on it. Saturday we got ready, finished studies, and were about to go out when I checked my tire, It was flat, the tube was no good, so we called someone in the ward to help us out, because we had an appointment to be at. A really awesome appointment with an investigator we met the day before when she stopped her truck at the intersection and shouted “Elders! I have been looking for you! here is my address…” Just one of those awesome contacting ways the Lord works. So the member picked us up, drove us over there, stayed with us for the lesson and shared as well (the guy is a RM of less than a year) and we were able to teach her in her home because he was there, else we would have to stay outside in about 30 degree weather. Then we went to a bike shop, I bought a new tube and tire because my front tire was showing the wires through the rubber due to age. So yeah, that happened, but I should try to remember more of the stories that I have to share.


Soo right now, my throat has been all clogged, my companion had some mucinex that has helped, but for the past two days i could barely talk, I have been struggling on a bike, he is fit to the point where he doesnt really tire from fatigue, just illness. Speaking of my companion, he is better he isnt coughing up blood, he was in May but hasnt gotten to that point now and with the medicine he has he wont be, back will still hurt, but the chairopractor really helps. When he is too sick to go out, we study, he has taught me how to study better, advised me to use a study journal and flashcards, which I will be doing from now on, he helps me learn what I ask him to understand. For a missionary he is rather old and will die soon (go home) the plus side is that he has seen it, seen the mission life and teaches me on what will make the most of my experience.


Oh and I got grandmas letter with the Laban Morrill Story, and I guess in all the MTC confusion I did get her cookies and had read Alma5, but just didnt get the chance to say that I did! Thank you grandma!


Grandma Steimle said something along those lines when I saw her last. I hope she recovers, she has been and will always be an inspiration and a loving figure to me, Grandma Steimle I love you so much.


Well I asked dad for some white long sleeve button up shirts, because I cant wear thermal long sleeve without one on, doest really work… and I only have one long sleeve right now that I save for Sundays and meetings with suits.


I am still so grateful to serve and for your support, I love you mom, tell everyone how much I love yall. It may be cold here, but the lords work must be done, also thankyou for the foot warmers and hot packs, they were a blessing on a cold day, eh everyday is cold.


With love that continues to increase, Elder Grant Hagen, Son!


We had an elders quorum activity Saturday that we got a total of 12 investigators, between the four companionships to attend. The band at the activity was one of the counselors in the quorum and his band.

We had an elders quorum activity Saturday that we got a total of 12 investigators, between the four companionships to attend. The band at the activity was one of the counselors in the quorum and his band.

Bike troubles

Bike troubles












(Email to Dad)

Thanks for the Happy New Year, kinda funny though, we were biking and my companion was like, man why is no one home tonight? And being the blond kid I am I said, wonder if it has something to do with it being New Years Eve… We spent the new year like a work day, buckled down and began working, tracting looking for people, stuff like that. we had set a goal to talk to three people, and it turned out to be a blessing and a testimony builder. Little bit of background, every night we try to be in our apartment at 9, not much really happens with investigators after that point. Our goal of three people was looking impossible at 8 thirty at night, we had been lucky to talk to one man at his home earlier that day. so at 8:30 we were pretty far from the apartment, and it was about 28 degrees according to my bike digital thermometer.  so we began to bike home, we were at a gas station and decided to head home from there, but in my heart I was still thinking about our goal, hoping we could reach it. I shouted to Elder Barnette who was riding in front, remember we have a goal, he replied saying he knew. About under a minute later, we turned onto a street and there was a hispanic family of about 10-15 people sitting around a fire in front of their house, we passed them and continued riding… No more than forty feet later we both stopped, looked at each other and agreed we had to go back, we talked to the family, the father of the home was named pancho, they welcomed us, had us stand with them by the fire and we shared a message about hope and faith. This was a personal testimony builder to me dad, it helped me realize that when I have a goal, and I work towards it, and ask the lord for help, he will help, he will help in the most amazing and wonderful ways.
my companion is doing better, had a migrane on sunday but hes good, we do studies while he is sick, and he his helping me know how to better study and is a great trainer, I wonder sometimes how a kid of 21 can have wisdom. So as far as investigators and inactives, we have two with a baptismal date that they can only have if they attend church, and we met a mom and her kids the other day who have met with missionaries before, but she is the perfect investigator and truly has a testimony, and wants better for her kids. We had a less active family of six attend church for the first time since we have been here, they have powerful testimonies but were not loved or fellowshipped by the ward so that was progress too. Our teachings are going well, it was a struggle for me to speak in spanish, especially at first to random people we meet on the street, but the more I do, the better I become.
Well I thought i was keeping warm, then it was 15 degrees today, and still is, soo I am freezing up a bit, wearing a pair of thermal leggins bout every day, but since I only have 1 button up longsleeve shirt, I am having to layer up on jackets, if you could, please sent more white button-up long sleeves, 2 would be awesome.
I love you dad, and I am always so grateful to know that I have your love, that I can say and feel inside that you care about me, I appreciate it tremendously, more than I can say or express
Your son, who loves you, and who strives to serve the lord,
Elder Grant Hagen”



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