Lots of Study Time

Well I wish there was a lot I could talk about this week, we are having a baptism this Saturday for two sisters Jaquelin and Joselin, who are 9 and 14, and excited to be baptized!  We have an investigator named Gloria who we are teaching as well, she is practically a member, we found her two saturdays ago at an intersection when she had the car that she was riding in pull over and she shouted Elders! gave us her address. Her daughter is eight and when we went to their home on monday, first thing she said when we opened the door was, when am I getting baptized? I can soon right? They have really become friends with a family in the ward who has taken them to church every sunday and they involve themselves in all three hours, when we texted Sunday to ask if she wanted a ride to church she had already asked a member for a ride!
This week I had to spend two days studying, reading and pondering the scriptures, Jesus the Christ, and Preach My Gospel, my companion got really sick, well he is always sick just sometimes it acts up, but for two days he couldnt really get out of bed for much, and was coughing so much. It happens, President Ames knew about it, and called just to see if he was doing ok which kind of scared my companion because that never happens.
We had a service project this saturday, we went to an investigators home named Nolan, Noel? Noah? in the sister missionaries area with a bunch of Elders quorum members, and the other two companionships in the ward. He had recently bought a trailer home like Aunt Jen’s was but smaller and was previously owned by six guys who did not take care of it at all, so we removed the floor, most of the cabinets, and repainted the walls and ceiling. That was fun.
Well I hope everything is going well, oh and the shirts never came but thankfully it is warming up a little, but they would still be nice to have since it is winter still…
Te amo mas que yo puedo decir,
Elder Grant Hagen
Service Project Home

Service Project Home







Inside project. Lots of people in a small space.

Inside project. Lots of people in a small space.

Riding in 30 degrees freezes the face.

Riding in 30 degrees freezes the face.




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