Week of ups and down

I am very healthy, biking every day, doing a morning workout, trying to eat fruit or vegetables every day, and my acne is really down, and I plan to keep it that way.


Food, food is always good, I need cereal, maybe some canned tuna, I am not sure, whatever would sound good to you, Elder Barnette has really helped me try to stay eating healthy and exercising. But we have agreed that eating really healthy is sadly out of a missionaries budget for the most part, but I have whole grain bread, eggs, I bought a mixing cup, the kind with the spring ball inside, if you could send some protein stuff that would be awesome, something that tastes good, haha. I got the white shirts pretty much right after e-mailing you guys last week, I am keeping two in the packaging so I have two white shirts now, and two at my year mark. I am good on sweaters, if you could send some shoe trees? I want to get the most out of them I can, I have been good on polishing them usually, but sometimes they get a big scratch and there isnt much I can do, the rubber on bottom is holding well though.


Well now for my week, ups and downs, lots of them. Ups, lots of lessons, had some investigators go to church, really liking the area, got to go on two exchanges with the district leader, one in his area and one in mine, he has a car. did more service at the trailer home. The mother of the kids who were going to be baptized promised to go to church Sunday after being inactive for 9 years. Oh and I get a new companion from Waco.


Downs, Elder Barnette is leaving and it is only halfway through training, and he is going to Waco, so I probably will not see him again during the mission as he goes home in 2 transfers. the baptisms we were going to have fell through, the parents wanted the kids to understand more or so they say, and we respect that.


Oh and I had a pet cat, that wasn’t a pet but sat outside our door for two nights meowing… no we did not feed it, I opened the door once to turn on the outside light, by screwing the lighbulb tight, and the cat ran in, so I put it back out…


I love you, don’t get sick from all the ash and dust, and be safe, I love you all so much
Elder Hagen


cache, the mexican candy

cache, the mexican candy

the "pet" cat. It's fine!

the “pet” cat. It’s fine!

Service project, moving a piano

Service project, moving a piano


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