Loving the Work

Well as we get away from the Christmas season, I am starting to get a taste of rough, put your back in, missionary work. And I love it.


Elder Ostlund is my new companion, he is a tall guy from South Jordan Utah who went to BYU for a bit and now is here after 8ish months on his mission. I am excited to work with him, he and I will bring this area back to life!


Elder Barnette had taught me a lot, helped me grow and improve, left me letters with conference talks in them, but the letters are labeled for different situations, getting a leadership position, having a hard time, etc. it was really thoughtful of him to do that and I am grateful for the chance I got to learn from him.


Grandma… That is sad, sad but peaceful because of where she is now and I am glad to have known her for a good impact on my life, she was always loving, kind, and a person whom I look up to and am glad to have fond memories of her and being able to say goodbye. She left us with so much knowledge, so much hope, and for her to be reunited with her children, with her spouse who she was sealed to is a wonderful and glorious thing. We will see her again, I will always remember her and love who she is.


 The message of the gospel is so important to all, to have that knowledge why we are here, that this is the truth and we need to know that and make of it what we should. Many times we meet about ten or fifteen new people a week, and even if they do not want to talk with us, we talk about how our goal is to help people, help them be close to our savior Jesus Christ. The biggest question we ask is why, why do we do things, when we invite someone to be baptized and they say yes or no, we ask why. Not for us usually, well partly so we know what to do and where to go, but for them to really understand the importance of this great and marvelous work.


I am so grateful for the opportunity to stand as a living modern witness of this great and marvelous latter-day work.
I am also grateful for the letters that I recieve from you, this week I got letters from dad, grandma hagen, spencer, and Jacob. I will write all of you back.



I love you,
Love, your son,
Elder Grant Hagen
Last Day with Elder Barnette

Last Day with Elder Barnette



New Comp. Elder Boy he's tall (Grant's almost 6 feet)

New Comp. Elder Ostlund
Boy he’s tall (Grant’s almost 6 feet)



 Cat friend who we speedily biked away from

Cat friend who we speedily biked away from

Cat friend

Cat friend


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