Working Hard and Loving It (and the “yalls” are increasing!)

This week has been a long one here at home. Besides regular life it was my birthday and preparations for the arrival of family for my grandmother’s funeral. It’s amazing how far my siblings and cousins came for the funeral, literally from all over the world; cousins came from various mainland states plus Singapore, Australia, Hawaii, and my siblings and parents came from Utah with one brother and wife  from coming from Colombia. It was a testament to how amazing Grandma Steimle was that people would travel so many hours, sometimes days (20 hour flight from Singapore) to come honor her life. Grant responds to all of things in his email.

“I met a man this week who was different, he was dressed in a Statue of Liberty costume for Liberty Mutual and stopped Elder Ostlund and I as we were riding by. He talked about many things, dont forget the little guy, and that everyone has a “homage” (mission). What has stuck with me from this guy is at the end of our talk he raised his coffee and shouted, share your message To The Four Corners Of the Earth. Now that I have talked about that, I read your letter and pondered and am fascinated in all the different parts of the world that our family lives in, and how essentially from the four corners, we were gathered, yall were gathered to be united as a family, a sad time passing of a loved one, Great Grandma Steimle, who as your cousin said and I agree, made us all feel important.

Also, Happy birthday, I have letters, letters for you, for dad, for all yall, but they are not sent! I am putting together a box that I want to send next week, in it is a letter for your birthday… I am sorry I didnt send it sooner, I love you and wanted to hand write you for your birthday, then I forgot that I dont have much time to do stuff as a missionary…

I hope you have gotten rest, peace and happiness from seeing everyone as well. I love you and wish I could have been there. I am grateful to be doing the lords work and serving, I am loving being here, my companion is awesome, 6’5″ of awesomeness, and we work hard, we dont give up and I never will. I have changed out here I need to say that, I feel more mature more patient, but more firm and I am still changing.
I love you and am happy to serve

Elder Hagen!

Super 6'.5" Elder Ostlund

Super 6′.5″ Elder Ostlund

 Potatoes, ground beef, onion, cheese, and barbque sauce. good stuff!

Potatoes, ground beef, onion, cheese, and barbque sauce. good stuff!


 cup of abuelita

cup of abuelita







Posing like the Four Corners statue of liberty guy

Posing like the Four Corners statue of liberty guy




2 thoughts on “Working Hard and Loving It (and the “yalls” are increasing!)

  1. Hi Grant, Good to hear from you.  Glad you are loving the work. You will certainly meet all kinds in your work!  You are an awesome missionary and always were even before you left home.  You can talk to anyone about anything and you have the Spirit with you that others will feel.  You can have the gift of tongues too–you have been promised that if you  have faith and believe that with God all things are possible.  He loves you and wants you to be successful in gathering Israel–His children.  Be grateful every minute and you will never be down. Being grateful you can’t help but be positive and good things will come your way.  You are an amazing guy and we love you and pray for you and those you meet always.   Hugs & kisses,    Gramma and Granpa

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