The “Yalls” are here to stay

Well it is fun to say yall, all missionaries try and don’t try to pick it up but we end up with it somehow. Thank you for the letter, I like reading it, since I don’t have too much stuff to read on P-Day reading a long letter is nice and comforting.


Spanish is awesome, Spanish people are awesome! Picante es super bien! Out side of the apartment whenever we are working we speak Spanish to each other and continue to unless we need to talk to someone in Ingles. I am still working on my Spanish, I believe in the gift of tongues, I have seen it, and I have been told by some that I have it, I am grateful for compliments like that, I am working on my Spanish, but can communicate and hold a conversation with the lord’s help! I am mailing the box this week, It has some Mexican candy in it, letters, and those books that you sent to me, I want to enjoy them when I get home, and don’t have the opportunity to read those here.


This week we had an exchange where I went to another missionaries area, and they have a car! Then it snowed, lots of it and we lost car privileges due to the snow, so we walked… about six hours of the day in the snow to get to an apartment complex on the other side of his area for tracting and visiting members and investigators all in one place ! I enjoyed it, glad I have so many jackets and thermals and the such!


(This next bit is a response to a new class they started in our ward using a book called “The Power of Everyday Missionaries”.)

That missionary class sounds exciting! I am so glad the ward is pressing forward missionary work, I can almost guarantee the Missionaries there are grateful, that is a struggle with the Spanish work, it shouldn’t be, but we need to go on more exchanges with members, having them come out with us is one of the strongest ways to do the work, when a member bears testimony, it strengthens that investigator in ways that members may not always see, we had a member who is a RM of about 2 years now, he came with us and helped us in a lesson, and with him, the lesson was improved tenfold! I am grateful for member help whenever we can have it, the struggle is a lot of people believe that feeding us is doing their share which I appreciate and enjoy a good meal, but I agree and follow my mission president, I will trade all of my dinner appointments that a member may have with me for just one exchange with that member.


Thank you so much for your letter! I love you and hope you are all safe and well, I pray for you daily.
Elder Grant Hagen
Feb. 2014 fort worth water tower
So last week we were on one side of town and needed to be at the other side of our area in thirty minutes when it is a 45 minute ride taking streets, so we improvised and it worked,. crossed a river under a heavy traffic bridge and such, through a field and forest.
The short cut

The short cut


The short cut

The short cut

The short cut

The short cut



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