Another great week!

This post is a week late. I just didn’t have time to post last week. Better late then never though.

“Well I got to e-mail the Bishop and I had Zone Conference this week! It was wonderful! That was Wednesday and we really began to understand the importance of planning, we planned the next day in what we call weekly planning, we do it every Thursday and plan for our goals for the upcoming week and revise how to reach that weeks goals using the following days, the planning can take from four to five hours of straight planning, chapter 8 in PMG we follow the steps 1-13 and this week we applied how to focus more on people and to take it day by day, it was the most productive planning I have every had! I am excited to get some huge progress in my area, speaking of which, next Monday is transfers so I could be getting moved to a different area!

just a heads up for letters and such.

If I get moved, it will be where the lord wants me to go, but it means I may not be able to go to the temple this next transfer. Here in Haltom, we are less than an hour from Dallas and the Dallas temple. That is the only time we can go to the temple, when it is less that I think an hour and a half away, we do not have any temples in our mission, kind of sad… So we need to get a ride with a member to go to the temple.

Also our mission president wants us to show all of the members in our areas the Hastening the Work of Salvation video on, I want you to see it as a family home evening, it is the one with the family, you have seen it before, but I want you to count how many time you see something related to missionary work Either preparing or doing it. The record is held by an elder in our zone conference in the mission at 47 things he found, from the little kid changing seats on the bus, to the girl comforting her co-worker. It is a wonderful video on how this work is not just missionaries, they come in about halfway or more in the video. I testify that this work is not possible with members, it is the members work and we are here to help them. The missionaries with the most baptisms that I have met (baptisms do not measure success of an Elder) for example, one has almost 30 baptisms I think it was like 28, but 24 were friends of members referred to the missionaries, taught with the members there being their friends and fellowshipping them as normal people. Missionaries are not normal people, and we cant fellowship and become friends with people the way members can. I love you so much

The pictures are of me and my companion, and a large platano that we wrote some of our message on!

Feb. 2014 teaching plantano

Feb. 2014 With elder Ostlund

Love, Elder Grant Hagen!


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