Down here in Denton

Well actually Denton is right up against the edge of Oklahoma but the title just seemed catchy.. My day has been awesome! It is kind of funny, as a preperation day I thought there would be down time, but every day is so busy, it is quite enjoyable actually!

So I am here in Denton now, and how do I describe it? the area is about the third of the size of my last area, but still on a bicycle, and the missionary work here is super fun! There is an area in the city that the ward and missionaries have dubbed little mexico! People are more open here, I am still speaking spanish, and in general the area covers about half of the city’s heart. It is pretty flat here, so the biking is pretty easy. In our ward, it is half english and half spanish, there are two companionships of spanish elders, us and the district leader trio. By the ward being half english meaning that there are times that the talks are in english, but the classes are spanish, everyone seems to know spanish, i think it is supposed to be spanish, but this area is still growing, just two years ago it was a branch.

Due to the english they have translator headsets, which are helpful for our investigators who dont speak english. Sadly this sunday the headsets were on the wrong frequency and they didnt fix it in time for sacrament meeting. So the two talks that were give, one by a youth about to leave on her mission and the other was a member of the bishopric were both in english. However, the investigator that Elder Guiterrez and I brought only speaks spanish, so while we were sitting by here I translated both the talks, man was that a new experience for me! It was difficult, helped me listen more, and she was grateful for the translations while my companion looked up all the scriptures that they cited in english to have her read in spanish.

It is cool though, she is basically a member of the ward and has only been taught for the past three weeks so I am super excited to help her progress.

So my companion is named Elder Guiterrez, he is from Houston Texas and grew up in Honduras and Mexico, he is really cool, I am trying to speak Spanish almost all the time and he is helping me do that!

I hope Tayler starts driving, there is nothing to be afraid of, I had a dream I got to drive an old car last night, it was really cool, fun, and made me miss the truck back home a bit when I woke up….

Well I am doing good on food, if you ever sent the protein mix, i never got it. Could you send a map of mexico? My last companion’s parents sent him one from natgeo that was super cool, missionaries use maps of mexico and south america for writing notes and such about people that we meet. Well I have to go 😦 I need to write dad still sadly the letter will probabily be cut short, our ride for p-day just got here, I am writing in the office of our apartment complex.

I love you so much,
Love you,

Your son,

Elder Grant Hagen

Stuff packed and ready to go

Stuff packed and ready to go

New companion Elder Guiterrez

New companion Elder Guiterrez


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