First New Food Experience (he handled it like a champ!)

Well that sounds like an awesome week! Definitely different with Tayler being a priest…

Anyways this week was awesome, since last P-day we had a Zone Training on Tuesday, we have them monthly and as a zone, we have a goal of 12 baptisms for the month of April! I am excited for this goal and as a companionship we have a baptism planned for one of our investigators for next Saturday! Her name is Cristina, she is a grandmother who studies the bible a great deal. She is super cool and excited to be baptized!

Wednesday we had an exchange where my companion elder Guiterrez went to the other side of Denton and our district leader came here and was my companion for a day. He is Elder Munoz, really cool guy who doesn’t have much time left in the mission, we had a ton on success and taught about seven lessons!

I have also discovered that Texas can not decide on one weather for the week, Friday was super sunny, in the 90’s all day, but Saturday it poured rain, as if the ocean was being dumped on us, then Sunday was super windy and though only in the 40’s the wind chill made it freezing.

Yesterday (Sunday) I had the food that most white elders fear, dread, and cant stomach. Menudo… not bad, it is cow stomach, made into a broth cut into chunks with pieces of corn in the soup as well. It is really chewy, and reminded me a lot of calamari, except you know, being the inside of a cow stomach, that if not prepared properly still has whatever was in the stomach at the time. My companion was telling me how he would clean out the stomach and intestines when he lived in Honduras for his grandfather and uncles after they killed the cow. Apparently it is usually a holiday dish in Mexico, they charge more for it in butcher shops and such. Not my favorite dish, but edible and I would and probably will eat it again. Many Elders cant handle the texture, one side is slick and chewey, the other is, well, how do I describe it? Chewy as well, like pasta or hair? except the inside of the the stomach.

Well, I love you so much! Thank you for your letters and e-mails! I love you Mom and hope that you are having fun!


Elder Grant Hagen

 Elder Guiterrez and I Deep in thought

Elder Guiterrez and I Deep in thought

The Menudo

The Menudo

Me eating menudo taken in a frame where it doesn't look enjoyable

Me eating menudo taken in a frame where it doesn’t look enjoyable

Crazy Texas weather can't make up it's mind

Crazy Texas weather can’t make up it’s mind


One thought on “First New Food Experience (he handled it like a champ!)

  1. He will probably love menudo by the time he gets home. Good thing he’ll be able to find it easily in California. Jed Loves it!

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