The Best Missionary Ever

He in his 6th month and doing great. Maybe I’m just the prejudice mom, but I’m sure he is the best missionary ever! I love his attitude and optimism. It’s so much easier to wait for him to reach the 24 month mark when I know he is happy. It doesn’t help my anxiety though when he mentions things like tornados. As usual his letter is a lot of responses to the email I sent him that day. Like his response to the earthquake we had, asking if he liked the protein powder we sent, and asking what was in the box Grandma and Grandpa sent.

“Well it definitely does not feel like I have been here for six months, really it seems more as though I am barely starting but with more knowledge and a close feeling to the Lord.

An earthquake? Wow! We had a tornado here… not really but we saw a crazy storm form a few miles away and just sweep across the otherwise empty sky. It was pretty cool, in the day it was large and just a lone cloud but as night came it flattened out, and was filled with lightning, I was glad I wasnt under it!

Well the protein drink is awesome! thats the small one? I have a blender cup I got in my last area so I drink it after exercises in the morning, which I am really enjoying as well, my goal is to getting to do one handed push-ups before the end of the mission.

G & G Morrill sent me some moon pies, milk duds, and some yummy chocolate things with peanuts and caramel. It is awesome and My companion and I have been enjoying it.

Well this week we almost had a baptism, the investigator is super cool and we are going to keep teaching them, she is going to all the ward activities, paying tithing and fast offerings, and is basically a super cool member. She just wasnt ready for an interview for the baptism, it may have scared her, im not too sure but she wants to be baptized and has told us so.

Well I love you so much! Ummm on the 14th of April we are moving to a new apartment, the office wont tell us where yet, just that it is better than where we are now? so that means cleaning it all up and getting the stuff like bike tracks off the walls from past missionaries! So anything sent in the week before probably will not get to me.

I love you! Thank you for your support and it is such a joy to read how you and everyone is doing!
Take care!
Elder Grant Hagen”

Texas storm cloud

Texas storm cloud

Sunday dinner

Sunday dinner

Elder Guiterrez and I

Elder Guiterrez and I


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