There was a tornado in my city!

How do I say this…

There was a tornado in my city last week…
Hail the size of baseballs.
lots of broken windshields, walmart flooded and all the skylights were destroyed…
A city called krum? dont know how yall write it, was pretty badly destroyed.

It was pretty awesome.

So in a whole the week was how missionary life goes, we teach lessons, most of the days were in the 80s as far as temperature goes, pretty nice for riding bicycles. We are teaching, having really awesome lessons and inviting people to go to conference. Then Thursday…
Thursday we do our weekly planning we sit in our apartment for a few hours and plan out our goals for the following week and plan how to reach the goals we had set for the current week by Sunday. We finished planning at about three and visited an older member of the ward living by himself and taught a lesson. The day was sunny, warm, clear, no clouds whatsoever. We step out of his house and it begins pouring in under 30 seconds, so we go back inside to wait it out. After about thirty minutes it ends, and is sunny again. We ride to an upper neighborhood of our area and though we dont teach any lessons we visited with three people we are teaching and set up appointments to go back. At five we went home, and a member came by with pizza, dropped it off and told us how she had had hail the size of eggs during that brief rainstorm and showed us pictures of it on her phone. At about five forty five when we were getting ready to leave again a siren sounded. It was still clear outside, but the city siren sounded. we go to our porch and our neighbor below tells us a tornado is coming, it touched down in Krum and is heading our way. So… we go back inside and begin texting the other Spanish elders who have a car. Meanwhile we lose service, the winds start picking up and the clouds begin to spin. Soon it was raining hard, then hail hitting cars and such, some people put blankets over their windows and such. The other Elders showed up at our apartment during the hail and we all hurried into their car and headed to the church building. The city had become a lake in under an hour. On our way there we got a text from the Zone leaders to get to the church, happily we were doing so. We got to the church and waited out the storm until about eight forty five.

Friday it was sunny, clear day, the heat of the day had drained/ evaporated all the water and only a few puddles remained. We had an exchange where Elder Guiterrez went to the other Elders area and Elder Hansen came here, we do exchanges to learn from each other, how we teach, contact people, plan.

Saturday was Conference! We were at the church all day, we watched the two sessions and priesthood session in English. It was almost as a holiday, I got to sit there, listen to the prophet, and receive revelation and take notes!

Sunday we did the same up until six. However, the morning session we watched in Spanish, several of our investigators came to conference! So we watched it with them, sadly they could only come for that one session, but they got to hear the prophet speak! The second session we watched in Spanish.

I love you! I am SAFE, it is a little cloudy today, rained lightly yesterday but I am safe and all is well.

Take care!
Elder Grant Hagen

me on stilts, no i didnt walk in them.

me on stilts, no i didnt walk in them.

Elder Guiterrez and I during the storm on Thursday

Elder Guiterrez and I during the storm on Thursday

enjoying the day on our way to visit several investigators

enjoying the day on our way to visit several investigators


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