New Apartment

This week was a bit of a whirlwind itself as well! There was a lot of missionary work, visiting people, no baptisms sadly but the biggest pressure this week was the anticipation of transfers!

Transfers are this Wednesday, I will be staying in the same area and with my same companion. However, we are in a new apartment now! I didn’t really get time today to take pictures and I am e-mailing a bit later than usual due to moving today!

My new address is: 2401 E. McKinney Apt #414 Denton, Texas 76209. The mission office wouldn’t tell us where we were moving but about three weeks ago they told us to start packing, wouldn’t say where but did tell us when, that was this morning.

I will start with the old apartment, it was old. The design was a second story, unlock the door, and there is the staircase, carry the bicycle up the stairs and around the corner to the house. the corner and wall were covered in years of bicycle tracks from elders scraping the wall. Then the carpet was pretty stained from old cooking mishaps and other instances, and there were several holes in walls throughout the place. It was time for a new apartment.

This new place, we have only been in there to unpack so far, and are far from finished but everything is there now. It is definitely an upgrade, we are for starters in a gated community now, the missionaries who cover other areas say that the place we are in are similar to small homes. Truly for the one bedroom place it is, there is definitely more space! We are now in a first floor apartment, with a fireplace (not going to use it), a nice large bathroom, elevated ceilings, overhead lighting that before my mission I took for granted. The kitchen is built so it isnt a five by eight walkway stuffed in the corner of the place, it is a open, new appliance kitchen and in general I am happy to be in the new home.

As for the damage done by the tornado two weeks ago it is still visible. The hail has left most if not all the cars with pocked dents on the roofs, hoods and some windows are shattered, it is common to see people with plastic wrap over where a window used to be. As far as missionaries we and the cars in the missions are fairly well of, the cars have some small dents but are generally still brand new. A city called Krum was hit by the tornado, I found out a few days ago that the winds were only at twenty-five miles an hour where as in Oklahoma two years ago? It was about two hundred miles an hour. Oh and yesterday was a tornado alert day, it was quite windy, and rained a little in the morning but nothing happened. As far as service we have offered to clear branches and such, but there hasn’t been big cleanup here to help with.

I love you! It is wierd I am starting my 4th transfer in the field, missionaries have a tendency not to count the time in the MTC towards the mission time so we will see! Take care!

Elder Grant Hagen


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