Tornado Free… Yipee!!!

This is the letter Grant sent me this week. It’s much longer, so to me that means better, then the one last week. Sadly no pictures again, he forgot his camera. But on a very happy note, though they had been warned there could be many tornados, none materialized, around him anyway. That makes me a very grateful mom.

“Dearest Mother,

I am indeed tornado free, nothing touched down, only some wind and rain this time, made for a highly anticipated Sunday though, that is the day they said we would be in for it. When the first tornado hit last time, and I may not experience another one in the mission, we heard the siren as soon as reports appeared that there was a green cloud. Apparently the temperatures, and weather will make a cloud appear to be tinted green, that could in turn turn into a tornado. So we do get a little bit of warning, about five to three minutes worth before a tornado forms, clouds begin to spiral, hail comes down in droves, and we decide to drive in the midst of it all to get to the church. We do have instructions for what to do during a tornado, each apartment has an emergency supply with food, water, and medical. As for where tornadoes are, apparently they come across most states in the south, due to the flatness of the land and wherever there are hurricanes, usually tornadoes as well. My companion was in/ had to evacuate for hurricane Sandy and Hurricane Katrina due to living in Houston.

That is wonderful that Zach has sent in his papers! I havent had the chance to talk to him in a while so I am grateful for that news and I need to write him!

This week I became more focused, both myself and my companion, in turn it helped us focus the missionary work. We invited about six different families to be baptized, three of them it was the first real lesson we have had with them, however only one of the groups has a date right now and we are working with them to get that through, that they may spiritually progress! We have another investigator family who has been taught for several months, first the wife was the one studying reading here and there, but apparently only by opening the book where ever it fell and reading the verses. Her husband recently started reading from the beginning and has become interested! It was wonderful to see he expressions and joy he found from reading about Lehi, Nephi and the brass plates, why that record was important to the family. Another person we taught this week, we explained thoroughly the authority that prophets have from the line of Jesus Christ himself. She understood the line as we taught and it made her realize that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God, we invited her to be baptized! Sadly she did not accept a date, due to struggling internally over the fact that her family has historically followed another religion that is not the church of Christ. We are moving forward in this mission!

This week there was a Jazz Festival in the city, we couldnt go and visit, but each week we have an hour for computer time, so we went to the library near by. It was closed. We proceeded to go to the other one in the other corner of the area. For computer time we cant e-mail, but we can go to or to the other church websites to read news, talks, find teaching materials. I watched the video that Jeffery R. Holland is in on Asia, it is wonderful! I also saw the one with David A Bednar while he was in Africa! These men are truly apostles, prophets, seers, and Revealators. I am so joyful to be a part of this work of Salvation, and I am glad that each of us have this opportunity! As members of the church we are all in part of the hastening of the work of salvation, as President Dieter F Utchdorf stated in General confrence, are we sleeping through the Restauration? How it is a process that is still moving forward, the Lord is still revealing the Gospel and I am grateful for that!

I love you so much, and wow, mothers day is coming up!

Take care!

Elder Grant Hagen”


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