His letter’s are too short for this mom!

Dear Mother!

Well happy Cinco De Mayo! The American holiday celebrating mexicans being attacked by the French so that the Americans/ British could beat them? I have heard so many stories by so many different people that I just don’t know anymore

First I want to talk about mothers day! I do get to call yall! I have an hour for phone calls, I was planning to call sometime after four o’clock, which would be six my time, our president sent us an e-mail stating not to keep the phone numbers, and if yall do need to reach me to call the mission office. I look forward to hearing your voices again!

This week we had a spanish conference! It was on thursday back at my old area, a member drove me, my companion, and three other elders down there to the conference where we stayed for about four hours. We got to see every spanish missionary in the mission, my first companion is going home in three weeks! President Ames taught us how to focus to the people’s needs, it is interesting to compare the mission work to years past, now we truly focus on the people, after the lessons, they need to understand what we are teaching them, the importance of baptism. As a result, we are getting some people who accept that the next step is baptism, that this is the truth, and others who close their door and never open to us again when they realize we are not bringing a soft, pleasing message, but one of truth, firm and strong.

We have an investigator getting baptized this saturday! She had her interview, and is excited to be baptized, she choose my companion to baptize her and me to confirm her! I have faith and know that she will be baptized this saturday and be an example to the rest of her family!

I cant wait to hear yall otra vez! I love you and hope you have a wonderful week!
Elder Grant Hagen


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