So little time

Yesterday, which was Mother’s Day, I was able to talk to Grant by phone. One of 2 phone calls we get every year (the other is on Christmas day) Everyone else I know with a missionary out (about 8 other families) all Skyped with their sister/elder. It made me a bit sad and jealous of all those who posted screen shots on Facebook. Being unable to see his face and his expressions to go with the voice was hard when I knew everyone else could.

He also told me he is allowed only an hour every P-day to write emails and snail mail letters. If he has down time during the week it is to be spent in study. Because of that his letters are very short, since he is trying to write many different people. He has also been having trouble sending pictures from the public library computers he has to use. So seeing and hearing from him has been hard lately.

All in all I was so grateful to hear his voice, but had a pang in my heart that it was so short and I know I won’t get much from him again until next Christmas possibly.

Here is the very short email he sent today. It’s going to be a tough year if this is all we get once a week, and again there are no pictures. If we get any I’ll be sure to update.

“Dear Mom,

Well it was wonderful to hear from yall yesterday, I will admit it made me a bit homesick for a little while, however that night I still went out and had a really good lesson with a family who is on the edge of accepting a baptism date.

Besides what we talked about on the phone, this week we had zone conference, and that was quite a treat! We had trainings by missionaries and by the mission president on becoming Master Teachers which is the focus of our mission. At the end of the conference, he opened it up to a Q and A session for anyone and everyone to ask any kind of question. One missionary asked him about the Revelation for blacks to have the priesthood, (yes the missionary is black) and the insight to the answer was quite profound. How everyone has opinions, it is what we have, but how doctrine that is established by the first presidency and the quorum of the twelve is permanent, in movable and firm in the church for all time.

I wish I had more time to type, I plan on sending a BUNCH of pictures to yall today so ya know, a picture is worth more than a thousand words.

I love you so much.

Have a wonderful week!
Elder Grant Hagen


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