He’s a “DAD”!

Instead of being transferred Grant has been told he will now be a trainer. He explains that they call a trainer a “Dad” and the trainee is his “Son”. He goes through the training genealogy of his current companion. I guess they have a lot of time to talk as they walk/ride around the city. Just read it… You’ll see what I mean!

“It is getting more humid here in texas, or hotter, cant tell sometimes, thankfully not to the point where I am drenched by the end of the day but I can feel the difference while on my bike.

As far as transfers, I will not be being transferred, in fact, I will be training a new missionary! Last week on tuesday I got a phone call saying my companion will be going to Waco, which is the other side of the mission, and I will be staying to train a new missionary. I am absolutely excited! I am so grateful to be able to have this opportunity, in the mission there exists a bit as a joke, a family tree. Trainers are referred to as dads, there are grandfathers, great grandfathers and so on sometimes uncles. That is just a little piece of common mission lingo there. For example, my companion until tomorrow was trained by the missionary who trained the missionary who trained the missionary who trained me, thus to shorten that, he is my “great uncle”.

This week found so many more people as well, it really makes a difference to talk to everyone that you see, and a bit interesting. We had an atheist try to fight us about kolob, that was interesting, but didn’t make a difference to me.

Sadly this week we didnt have anyone at church who is investigating, we were close, but they got really sick, and we visited them yesterday we could tell. It is interesting to see how sad some people get for my companion going to Waco, it will be hard for the member we baptized, she joking said she would stop going to church if he left, then we told her he is leaving… she will stay active though, she has a really strong testimony!

Gracias por todo lo que tu haces, te amo mucho

Elder Grant Hagen”


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