Itty Bitty

I am late in posting last week’s email, so I’ll be doing 2 today. It’s very short… too short I think. No one missed much by having it posted late. We aren’t receiving digital pictures any more either. Just so there’s a bit more to read I’ll attach Grant’s email to Gary from last week. He talks about printing pictures. The computers at the public library where he writes his emails won’t accept his camera’s sd card. We did get some great print pictures. I will attach some of those in the next post.

“Well this week was a bit different, it was a bit strange coming off of having a baptism, maybe I didnt get fully back into the rhythm of things, but I am still going, doing all I can and loving my mission!

I did get Zach’s e-mail! That is quite excited that he will be serving in Japan, I am going to say that it isnt a coincidence, I dont really believe in coincidence anymore, miracles yes, blessings yes, we can see the hand of the lord in all things, and the more we do, the more blessings he pours out.

Okay maybe I just feel that heavier than before my mission… but still…

I got the protein powder and am using it right after exercise every day!
I could use another set of suit pants too, but this week is the last of the transfer, so next week there will be complications e-mailing. and maybe receiving mail.

Take care, I love you!

Elder Grant Hagen”

Gary’s email:
“Dear Dad,

Well this week has been alright, not as much success as I would have liked as a missionary, but I am not discouraged at all! I feel at times like the brother of Nephi, Jacob, who preached to the people, and at the end described how he is free of their blood, as in he had done all he could and it was up to them to make the ultimate decisions.

I would love some printed pictures from yall, I probably wont send so many this week, they cost about 25 cents each, I spent about 14 dollars on only pictures last week. We go to walmart each week for groceries and about anything else, there is a store called Aldi, a bit like Trader Joes, that is cheaper, but doesnt have as much stuff. My point is in the wal-mart technology section there is a machine to print pictures so that is where we go, it takes about 5 minutes to wait for the prints, so it isnt too bad.

Wow, so the school auctioned off all that wood shop equipment bummer, we still used it as a club for the solar boat, but I guess it is for the benefit of the school? I wonder if my AutoCad teacher Mr. Ruiz ever bought the 3D printers he was going to, the library here has opened up something called the Forge in the north branch where people can use 3D printing for about 50 cents every 10 grams of material. I am so fascinated to see the world revolve around and continue as myself and the other missionaries are separated it feels at times that we are looking through a window at the world due to the dedication we put in to being missionaries and being in the world but not of it.

That picture of the chicken coop is crazy! I didn’t think that it would be that big, I am very impressed and amazed, so it will only house two chickens?

As far as experiences this week I found the future spencer in spanish, we met a man during an exchange who has about 30 chickens, a few rabbits, a dog, and lots of birds. Really cool guy but we havent gotten to go back and really teach him.

This week I slipped in some gravel trying to make a turn at 15mph, ate it on the bike again, not to badly though I really caught myself this time. The best was the old lady’s face as she glared at my companion when I fell trying to express that he should help me. hahaha.

I will probably need new brakes soon, mine are about dead now, maybe another two weeks then that will be it.

This week is the last week of transfers so I may not move or maybe I will, still in the air until monday, then things happen that wednesday. So this is the last week for mail until I know.

I wont be able to e-mail next monday due to memorial day so I will probably e-mail on tuesday.

This week we had another family drop us, we visited, the wife said the husband didnt want us to come by, sadly she is open to listen, but he doesnt seem so. There was another family we have never taught, my companion did a few months back then we couldnt find them, the son asked us about joseph smith, I said he was a prophet of God that through him, God restored his true church. The boy (about 16) pondered it, looked at us, and told us to leave and never come back. My companion stated how when they had met before, the kid knows a good deal of the bible, maybe what we told him made sense, bringing fear that our message interferes with his current church and beliefs. His choice.

Well I love you and am glad to hear from both of yall, and tayler this week! and Zach about his call! Still cant send pictures, so I guess it will be only prints.

Take care, I love you and am always proud to call you my father,

Elder Grant Hagen”


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