Better Late then Never!

Sorry all that I am slow to update his posts. I’ve been in the heart of final projects and exams (because I made the crazy choice to go back to school a few years ago). Here are the last 3 weeks of e-mails, one at a time. This one was his e-mail 3 weeks ago. He talks about his new companion, Elder Kreamer, who he is training.

“Dear Mom,

I am still loving the mission! We have had such an awesome week, and that is something about this companionship we have now that I am beginning to understand. My companion is Elder Kreamer, he is super awesome! Missionaries right out of the CCM have such an amazing spirit that doesn’t disappear as time progresses but changes. Full of “innocence” the hope and energy that he has is something I try to carry with me. We talk to everyone we meet. He is still learning Spanish, and so am I, I can definitely say that it is interesting to be teaching the language more than being taught.

I am supposed to be an example, in a meeting we had right before the transfer on Wednesday, president told us if he could train every missionary. He would. Since he cant, he calls us and trusts us with the responsibility that if done right I would say could even be sacred. I go through and be an example to him on how to be a missionary, how we study, why we do things, and how we will improve this mission. I try to work alongside him instead of in front of him as much as I can, giving him time to talk in the lessons, and generally help him see that these two years that he is entering can be the most spiritually blessed and satisfying years if we do all we can to move this work forward.

I have read the letters that my first trainer left me, Elder Barnette actually went home on Wednesday, so he just finished his mission as I start to train. The letters he left me are talks, talks from the apostles on the subjects written on the side of the envelope. They are inspiring, and though I haven’t read them all, I hope to set an example to the missionary I am training now.

I can honestly say I have seen miracles this week, this is a result of faith, and works, going out and visiting with everyone, doing all of our studies and doing our best to be consecrated to the Lord.

I will try to send a picture of the pants, possibly next week.

That is a bit crazy that Tayler is a junior! but he said that he isn’t working this summer?? there has to be somewhere he could bike to and work, I recommend donut lady by ACE, that place was always delicious.

Well don’t stress out about school, you can do it! there is a sister in our zone who apparently got pretty stressed and broke a blood vessel in her eye… don’t do that.

I love you and hope you have a fantastic week!

Elder Grant Hagen”

Grant with his Trainer, Elder Barnette, as he leaves for home, and with his Trainee, who is just arriving from the CCM (Note luggage and bike in a box) Elder Kreamer

Grant with his Trainer, Elder Barnette, on the right, as he leaves for home, and with his Trainee, who is just arriving from the CCM (Note luggage and bike in a box) Elder Kreamer, on left


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