Email from 6-9

Last weeks email. Dealing with another sick companion. It’s good for him.

“Howdy mom!

It is great to hear from you, this week was successful up until Vertigo. We taught some really strong lessons, we are working with members, we figured out a monthly calendar that rotates members of the ward so we go with each about once a month unless they want to/ can go more.

Still doesn’t feel like 7 Months, and I feel like I need to do the best I can all the time, it is an attitude I want to have for the rest of my life! Something I learned from Elder Barnette was to not stress, so I personally feel that I am with this desire to do all I can, but very few things stress me now, my companion and others and thankfully told me I have a level head (hope I can keep it!) So Thursday morning we wake up and my companion goes into the bathroom, doesn’t shut the door, and loses all of his dinner from Wednesday. He has had incredible nausea for the past couple of days, thankfully Thursday is our planning day so we were able to stay home for a good time after he rested and plan out our week better.

Speaking of weeks, our mission is doing incredible, there are almost 200 people estimated to be baptized for June! that is incredible with our goal for 820 in total for the year. Last month we had a few more than 40 baptisms which is still a high mark in our mission of about 270 missionaries. We are changing how missionaries do missionary work, our mission president is working with us, we all move forward and progress at the same time!

Friday the mission doctor called us, we explained the symptoms, he explained that my companion has Vertigo, cant balance because of a virus in his inner ear. Now he is taking medicine that cures that, but makes him incredibly drowsy.

Saturday we also stayed home, but we organized and planned some more as he was able to stay awake and began to recover. Sunday we got a ride to church and were able to have dinner with a member, teach her nephew, then we had to go home due to the virus.

That was a majority of my week, I am doing better and can feel myself improving every day.

Because we have been inside I haven’t been able to check the mail so I don’t know if all sent a bike helmet or a seat, I have to check, I will send pictures of the pants today.

Love Yall!

Elder Grant Hagen”

Grant and his newest companion Elder Kreamer

Grant and his newest companion Elder Kreamer, and what appears to be the vacuum cleaner… needed some better staging in this one.

Grant and the very tall missionary he went on exchange with. Grant is about 6ft 1in, so that kid has got to be at least 6ft 6in.

Grant and the very tall missionary he went on exchange with. Grant is about 6ft 1in, so that kid has got to be at least 6ft 6in.


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