Happy Birthday Week

He is doing some light reading it appears. I know we all read the Bible Dictionary occasionally…not! That is some serious studying. His English is a little mixed too. I think he is mixing languages in his head like every good missionary should. I think it shows how blessed he’s been with the gift of tongues.

“Dearest Mother!

Well I admit, I feel like I am/ will be tomorrow, 19 I cant explain it, but it seems as a fact of life that will happen, and due to the fact that our English language is not the language of Adam (see Bible Dictionary- Writing) I cannot explain all that I would want to, and yes I just finished reading the bible dictionary from start to finish. Now I have read the New testament, Bible Dictionary, Joseph Smith Translations, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and Jesus the Christ by James E Talmage, and I am almost done with the Old Testament. Jajaja, it actually helps with teaching, I may not have all the direct scriptures memorized, but I know where the ones that I need are, as stated in Doctrine and Covenants 21:11 “seek not to declare my word but first seek to obtain my word, then if ye desire, your tongue shall be loosed…” or something along those lines.

Good news! My companion is no longer plagued with vertigo and we were able to have some awesome lessons this week and visit all sorts of people both new investigators and those people who we have been teaching for awhile. For un ejemplo, we met a man on Wednesday, I had met him before, but hadn’t taught, whereas this time we sat down and talked, we got into our lesson and as it turns out he loves to read (that always helps people understand what we are trying to share)! So we were able to give him a copy of the Book of Mormon, and we are excited to return and visit him again, we stopped by but he was busy, he said he read a bit and loves the story, says it is beautiful!

For father’s day we had Stake conference, and the stake here sets it up as general conference! they had several video cameras, satellite transmissions to three? other church buildings. There was a member of the Seventy, Elder Keele, the Dallas Temple President, and President Ames our mission president gave a talk as well! Overall it was a fascinating conference and I am glad to say I take notes at every meeting I go to!

I have heard about the debate that some women are having about the priesthood, and it saddens me, it is not how Christ taught us. We were with a member who mentioned this to us for the first time that I had heard about it, and he is worried because people who have been strong members are from what he heard, fighting against the church, to me this pains my heart, and as the member continued, he said now is the time to strengthen his testimony, he drove to our apartment 50 minutes away from where he lived when he could have been doing other things, but he took the time because he wanted that spiritual experience in his life. It was a reminder to me to keep my testimony strong, that we all need to and if we do, we will be upon the foundation of Christ, his teachings, his doctrine, and none of the shafts of the winds of the devil will ever prevail. I know this to be true, with my heart and I have seen it here, in more experiences that I can count.

I love you, I also got some letters from the members in Glendora, I am so grateful for their support and for your support.

Elder Grant Hagen”

This looks like another country to me. Spencer (Grant's little bro.) was thrilled to see the chickens, he has a bit of an obsession with all chickens.

This looks like another country to me. Spencer (Grant’s little bro.) was thrilled to see the chickens, he has a bit of an obsession with all chickens.


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