“Spanish” Dreams

Anyone who has slept in the same house with Grant knows that he is a sleep talker. We have heard many interesting things over the years. Apparently that hasn’t changed, except now it’s in Spanish according to his companion. It amazes me that this “gringo” kid, that couldn’t seem to learn the language after 3 years of high school Spanish, now thinks in Spanish. Truly this must be the gift of tongues.

“Well I am writing on wednesday which is a bit different but that is because we went to the temple today! That was a wonderful experience and I have been up since 4:45 now, I may be exhausted tomorrow haha. We got up at that time so that we could make it to the 7 o’clock session, which thankfully did with a member of the ward who drove us there since we dont have cars and it is out of our mission so we had to get permission to go. We got to take pictures in front of the Temple at the end It was so nice to be in a temple again, since the last three times I was it was in Mexico and in spanish! which was really funny because now I hear things in english and think them in spanish.

Speaking of and in spanish apparently I still sleep talk, but only in spanish! My companion is a light sleeper and I guess I wake him up when I start talking.

As far as the temperature here, it hasnt been over a hundred yet so I am staying cool! we do have some days that are so hot and humid though, so I just try to ride fast enough on my bike to keep cool by the wind jajajaja.

I do have the cloth from the b-day package and I use it quite often! it feels so good to use it and just keep cool.

The pictures I am sending are of my zone both the english and spanish, the temple, me and the temple.

I wish I had more to write about, I know that you and Dad share e-mails so all the stories that I want to share I have written, there are more but I have to give back the SD card reader I am using, so I have to send this e-mail and my time is nearly up 😦 But I am still here, loving every day! I love you so much and hope that you have the best week! Time is flying!

Love siempre
Elder Grant Hagen”

E-mail to Dad:

“Well my week was amazing, and I was able to send out a few thank you notes to some of the members of the ward, I have a few more to do, hopefully I will get them done today.

On Sunday night we went on exchanges so I went to the district leader’s apartment and his companion came to my area, the exchange lasted until Monday evening. However, my companion was able to set some baptismal dates with a family we had met a week before who has fallen in love with the Book of Mormon. Which sometimes feels like that is the hardest part, if they dont read, normally they wont come to church and then they aren’t praying to know if the book of mormon is true. I am excited to see what happens with this family and I would love to baptise them and more with my trainee!

As far as being a trainer it is awesome but apparently I may become a District leader next transfer which is next week! that is really crazy because after that transfer it is really just two more and I am at a year! I do know that I will not be leaving my area for the next transfer so I dont have an address change as well. We try to speak purely spanish outside of the apartment except when a lesson is in english. I am enjoying being a trainer so much, and it is kind of funny how a few missionaries have commented on the unity that we have working together. My companion is willing to try almost anything, I can suggest talking to someone on the street and he is over there talking to them!

As far as service, on Monday we cut an older lady’s yard and came back on Tuesday to teach her and her family, and also on tuesday we built a float for the Fourth of July parade that will be on Friday, we will be in it as a zone with the Spanish ward. One of the Elders will be George Washington due to his height, (6’6″).

Today we got up at 4:45 and had to be ready to leave by 5:30 and we went to the Dallas Temple, that was an amazing experience! I hope you have gotten the chance to go recently, on the mission we can go once every three months as long as we are in an area that is less than an hour away from it. It is a bummer there isn’t a temple actually in our mission and is surprising for the large space that the mission covers, but we are teaching, and the missionary work is moving forward in the whole mission at an accelerated rate, we have a goal to greatly increase the amount of people baptized this year and we are on our way to do it!

We went to the temple with a member of our ward, he drove us in his car which is a Toyota Echo, about the size of a smart car and snugly fits four Elders and the driver. We went down, had the session, got some pictures out front, and drove back at about 11. While there I read in 2 Nephi chapter 5 and one of my favorite verses is verse 27, it states how they lived in a manner of happiness. Well how do we get that happiness? In Mosiah chapter 2 verse 41 we can read how happy are those who keep the commandments of the Lord. That is the purpose of the Gospel, as 2 Nephi 2:25 states as well, how men are that they might have joy. That is why this work is so important, that is why we endure to the end, that is why this is the true church, there is no message of fear, it is rather of hope, peace, and joy. That is why as a missionary and a member, I have to share this message with everyone!

Elder Grant Hagen”

Elder Hagen with his current district

Elder Hagen with his current district

Elder Hagen with his zone, English and Spanish

Elder Hagen with his zone, English and Spanish

July 2014 Dallas Temple moroni

The Dallas Temple

The Dallas Temple

He said he got hungry, so he decided to eat this poor turtle that was walking down the road, minding it's own business!

He said he got hungry, so he decided to eat this poor turtle that was walking down the road, minding it’s own business!


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