Fun Fourth

“Well my week was fantastic, apart from the fact I wasnt able to buy food due to complications with transportation to the store, good thing I have parents who taught me to plan ahead! Thankfully I have had more than plenty food for the week, just ran out of milk on Friday 😦 but other than that it worked out really well!

The 4th was wonderful! we were on an exchange and lots of hispanics call them cuetes which means mortar literally, and the correct word is apparently juegos de pirotecnico, according to a member in our ward. There is a huge university in our area that has a large show that the whole city apparently goes to or watches from near. So sadly our teaching efforts were quite foiled due to the show that day but I did enjoy the time, On friday we were in the city parade! I will send pictures! Our ward mission leader has the spanish ward represent every year in the parade, kind of funny because it is the only ward int he stake that participates representing the church. We had a banner with the churches name and we rode in a float we built on Tuesday of two rowboats crossing the river Delaware. We had elder tanner who is 6’6″ be George Washington and he stood in the front of one of the boats while we all rowed. It was a fun experience, we won best float award and lots of people cheered applauded and told their kids the story of George Washington, may people said thank you to George. One person noted, look a boat full of missionaries! Even though we were in a bit of costume A few members from other wards came by afterward to thank us for what we had done and in all it was a great time!

On Wednesday I went through the Dallas Temple, it was a great experience and even though it is outside of our mission we have to get permission of our mission president to go but we can and did! The only thing is it has to be within an hour of the current area or ward that you are serving in.

I love you and hope you have a fantastic week!

Elder Grant Hagen”


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