A little English, A little Spanish

This week Grant’s dad and I got very different e-mails. Mine is in English dad’s is in Spanish. I’ve included both. First though is a letter we got from his mission president a couple a weeks ago. It makes our hearts very proud.

Letter from President Ames informing us Grant was made District Leader

Letter from President Ames informing us Grant was made District Leader

Now for emails, English first.


I had to go through my pictures for the week to remember what has happened, things seem meshed together now, and I struggle distinguishing this week from the last.

Any who, this week was fantastic and we had an investigator at church! She is super cool and is gaining a testimony of the Gospel!

Lets see, things that happened this week, for starters on Tuesday I conducted an exchange with the other Elders in our district, I went to their area for a day and Elder Brown came to our area. I had a good time going about and we taught two lessons in that day, one early in the morning whom we invited to be baptized. We had just finished teaching the plan of salvation and we invited her to be baptized on that cause, she hesitated looked at us, then at the ground for a while. Sadly she decided that she was too attached to her church and felt like leaving would be breaking a promise that she had made. She then asked us if we would still come back and teach her though, and we told her we would, that seemed to be a relief to her, I think she knows that this message is true and will come to that truth.

The breaded chicken and potatoes are from the exchange as well, I was trying to be resourceful with what they had.

Resourceful chicken and potato dinner

Resourceful chicken and potato dinner

On Thursday we had another exchange and this time I got to go with the Zone Leaders to their area! They are in charge of the Young Single Adult ward, and I can honestly say I don’t know English anymore. That was a different experience as they have a car to travel instead of bikes. We taught a young man who was investigating the church, and he came to the institute building to be taught! We shared the restoration with him and he accepted to be baptized! That was exciting, and even moreso to see him at church on Sunday as well! While we were there, Elder Kremer and the other Zone Leader, Elder Haufano were in our area, Elder Kremer, who is almost at this 3 month mark, had to translate in their lessons and he did a fantastic job! We teach some people in English but they have connections to Spanish or do better in the Spanish ward. One such English person they taught was the girlfriend of a member. She has started to read the Book of Mormon and when the Elders sat down to teach she asked about the brass plates because the book of Mormon was said to be gold plates, and other amazing and wonderful questions! It is a really good feeling to know that people keep commitments that we invite them to do to help their testimony. She came to church and I feel we can invite her to be baptized!

We didn’t have a baptism this week and the couple whom had accepted to be baptized didn’t come to church so we had to cancel their date 😦

On Saturday we had a service project at the institute building at the University of North Texas as a Spanish District. Our ward mission leader is a local professor at the college and he was having a class on dining etiquette at the institute building. His wife did the cooking so our district came to help setup and serve the people taking the class. There were about thirty people who weren’t members of the church all there, with six missionaries, in the institute building! At the end of the lunch most came by the kitchen to thank us and a couple had questions about the paintings, such as the first vision picture! That was successful and though not a lesson, was a definite way to open people to the church!

Service Project

Service Project

Thankfully on Thursday it poured rain and stayed about in the seventies up until Sunday. Sadly now it will be hot and humid for a while with a predicted 100 degree weekend this week!

I love you and am glad you have your teeth! I am thankful Izzy is alright, and yall are okay!

Elder Grant Hagen”

Comps: Elder Hagen and Elder Kremer

Comps: Elder Hagen and Elder Kremer

Now for the Spanish,

“A mi Papi,

Estoy muy bien y agradecido que puedo escuchar a ti. Esta semana tuvimos una investigadora a la iglesia y creo que ella aceptara una fecha de bautizarse este semana. Estoy muy animado y todo esta bien!

No he recibido ninguna caja de ustedes Has the cook book been sent out? or maybe I will get it this week?

This week we had dos intercambios con los otros Elderes, los de los lideres de zona y otros que son en mi distrito. Los dos eran exitoso!

Que interesante que vamos a tener un nuevo obispo tambien, creo que va a ser Hermano LaRoche jajaja vamos a ver!

Hemos teneido mucho comidia de los miembros, casi cada cena es con ellos. Y tambien el Sabado tuvimos un proyecto de servicio y en el fin como a las dos tuvimos almuerzo con ellos tambien! Era muy rico, era una ensalda, una sopa de fruta, y carne de puerco con stuffing!

Este Martes tuve mi primer reunion de distrito, y era muy exitoso! nosotros tuvimos un entrenamiento de yo sobre la importancia de tener en veces, lecciones cortos. Despues tuvimos desempenos de nosotros y los elderes de ingles, we had the companionships try to focus on unity by blindfolding the companionships that were teaching and they had to rely on each other to teach in unity. Era divertido y creo que nunca van a olvidarlo!

So that was most of my week I kinda have divided it up entre usted, mama, y tayler de differentes cosas que yo he hecho!

Te amo! No perde sus dedos!

Elder Grant Hagen!”


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