Using Pesos and a Baby Snake in the Apartment

I’ll post the e-mails Grant’s dad and I both got again. Dads first, where Grant talks about our anniversary and a quick cruise we are about to take; one of the stops is Ensenada Mexico. There is a blowhole (La Bufadora) there that we visited with the kids when we took them on this cruise just before Grant’s mission. To get to the blowhole though you have to run the half mile long gauntlet of very pushy vendors. Grant refers to this and to the restaurants he’s been visiting. Including one that accepts Pesos. I’m amazed that even though he is in the US he is so immersed in the Mexican Culture.

“Well Happy Anniversary to you and to Mom! I hope you enjoy the cruise, are you planning to go to that rock that shoots water up again? Past all of the people with Spanglish? I have discovered how blunt the Hispanic people are, it is something Spanish missionaries in Texas are discovering and using in return.

When we went to Fuddruckers it was because of several different reasons, we were on an exchange, it was me and the zone leader Elder Haney, two, we had just dropped off the American Sign Language elders at a car dealership to pick up their new Chevy Malibu, third, we were hungry and it was nearby. I just realized that you found out about Fuddruckers by looking at my bank account, hahaha, maybe if i keep spending from there you can keep track of my entire mission. I may use it again this week, we are given 135 dollars for a month for groceries, and everything else. I am at 17 dollars this week, I try to spend only 20 a week on groceries and then usually go over with maybe too many fast food stops…

I haven’t been to Which Wich yet, there isn’t one in Denton, but being a college city there are some interesting places, there is one called Pizza Patron, it is cheap, large pizza and they accept pesos, so I can spend what I have left from Mexico. Man I regret spending so much there, I felt like a millionaire down in the CCM due to the money conversion, so 2000 US became 26000 Mexico! When we were in bus rides to the Temple there, I could look out and see a car for 10000 pesos and tell myself, I could buy that!

There is a restaurant called J&J’s it is a pizza place, and another called Double Daves, which is the same as CC’s which is the same as any other pizza buffet. There is the Mellow Mushroom which is high end pizza as well

On Saturday we had an awesome lunch! we had puerco with an investigator family, they invited us over earlier in the week, so we stopped by at around 1 and as soon as we walked into the backyard it was crazy! They had two pit barbeques, with gigantic bowls sitting in them, one was full of pieces of pork boiling in oil. the other was a gigantic red liquid that one shirtless guy was mixing with a giant wooden spoon. It was bubbling, it was intimidating. They were making food for a quincinera that was to happen that night. Elder Kremer had chincharon for the first time and couldn’t finish it, they fried the meat really well and had enough tortillas that we had a couple of tacos. The liquid was red chilies ground with water, so it was just a sauce for the tacos, but they made everything in huge quantities. It is a family of several large men and their families, all brothers or cousins living together. My companion may have been scared from Hispanic food for the rest of his mission.

We also had a tiny snake in our apartment too! it was about a eighth of an inch thick and maybe three long, looked like it just hatched, so that was worrisome.

Snake hatchling!

Snake hatchling!

I did get the cook books! And the Lego figures! I use that putty stuff every day, that is really entertaining! I haven’t gotten the pants though.

At Legoland Dad and brothers created 3 minifigure Legos; 2 missionaries and an investigator.

At Legoland Dad and brothers created 3 minifigure Legos; 2 missionaries and an investigator.

Thank you for writing! I love you!

Elder Grant Hagen”

Now the e-mail to mom

“Howdy to my favorite mother!

Ohh there were things that happened this week! Including Zone Conference! I will start there even though that was Wednesday!

On Sister Ames blog apparently she posts pictures of the missionaries, and she posted one on Sign language, that was my zone conference!

Zone Conference was a wonderful time where we got to have some great teachings by some of the zone leaders, we got to learn from President Ames as well, had a Texas sloppy joe brisket lunch, and the departing Elders and sisters for the next transfer and this bore their testimonies for one last time (I will admit that was the saddest part). At the end of Zone Conference we sang Army of Helaman to president and Sister Ames and gave them a thank you card for all that the do. It brought tears to their eyes and it as a touching moment for all of us.

So on Monday we made a cheesecake! A member in our ward gave us a cheesecake pan to use so my companion, being the chef that he is, made a wonderfully delicious cake that didn’t last more than a few days… almost a few hours only…

Mmmm... cheesecake!

Mmmm… cheesecake!

I did get the package that Grandma and Grandpa Morrill sent! I was so happy to read that letter! Every week I am so grateful to read from Grandma Hagen as well, sadly last week I wasnt able to send a letter, so I will spend more time sending it today! I have gotten a letter from Grandma Hagen almost every week, I didnt get one this week if she sent it, but I did the week before, I save each one, and I need to put them all in a book!

Thank-You Grandma and Grandpa Morrill for the package.

Thank-You Grandma and Grandpa Morrill for the package.

Also, I have been here in Denton for six months! I have spent a quarter of my time on the mission in this city! I may be getting transfered then in the upcoming weeks. we are on week 4 of 6 then on august 13th we will be doing transfers!

I hope you have a wonderful week!
Love you!
Elder Grant Hagen”

Guitar in the back of the car?

Guitar in the back of the car?

Riding with Elder Hagen

Riding with Elder Hagen

“Oh and we hosted a family home evening at the church on monday! we had an awesome waterballon toss that spiraled out of control at the end using the volleyball nets and towels! There was also lots of cake and the sister missionaries taught a lesson on finding truth, we had investigators show up and a good number of members!”

Water balloon fight

Water balloon fight


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