A good week

Well off yall go on a cruise! How fun again! Dad sent me a couple of selfies from the cruise so far, looks fun! Are ya’ll staying in a cabin like the ones we stayed in then?

Yes is is about 90-100% humid here all the time, there are some days where it feels like I can swim in the air, but when it rains, it rains hard and a good deal to the point where the humidity actually disappears for a while! Then after a day of nice 80 degree weather it heats back up again!

I have had a wonderful week. I don’t think anything crazy has happened to me, but I do appreciate your prayer, maybe you prevented something that was to happen! Yikes!

It got cold in our apartment, and it started raining outside! So I put on a jacket, that is the picture. Everyone says that this summer is the coolest one that they have ever had, that last year they had 90 days of over 100 degree weather in a row! wow!

Izzy commented how I have almost been out a year and that kind of gave me a heart attack! Being a missionary feels like the only thing that I have ever done in my life now. Of course I use all the skills and wonderful talents my parents taught me, (like Ironing my clothes!) and that wonderful cookbook. My companion and I have gotten into a bad habit of making a cheesecake a week, and for most of my dinners, I will pick a recipe from the book. There are something that I just dont have time to cook, but it manages out in one way or another.

We met a man this week who was super cool. He is an older hispanic man who I think is one of the coolest guys in the world! We met him while riding to our next appointment, we stopped and saw him planting a tree in the middle of his yard. We offered to help, (we try to help anyone with anything and most of the time they say no but I am so glad when we actually can help!) and he declined but stopped to talk with us. We told him we are missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He repeated Latter Day Saints? Like Angel Moroni? At that point we were a little surprised, apparently this man had helped build the Temple in Mexico City more than thirty years ago, the same temple that I got to enter and visit while I was in the CCM. I showed him pictures of it on my camera and I could see and feel the happiness from seeing this building appear on his face as no doubt memories came back to him of his experience there. He stated how he never got to go inside but they gave him a blue book that he was studying from until he lost it in Mexico. We gave him another copy of the Book of Mormon to his great joy and he wanted to eagerly study it out. This is a mission experience that I will not forget, and I hope I can help this man progress towards baptism. we havent taught him yet but I know and pray that he will make it there!

Well I love you so much! I hope you have a wonderful Cruise and have some fun story to tell!

Elder Grant Hagen

Needing his jacket in summer

Needing his jacket in summer


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