Comp with Baking Skills

Grant starts by referring to his cousin Zach who will be leaving shortly on his own mission. Then he gets into his own mission life. He ends by talking about his companion, who seems to be one of his favorites (I think it’s because the kid can cook)!

“It will be absolutely different now that zach will be leaving, actually it seems a bit unreal. I just imagine all of yall staying home, staying perfect until I get back, then I hear stories of missionaries losing parents or family while out and it brings a slight tinge of fear. I know you will be safe though, and probably worry about me as well. I saw an older lady on her riding scooter drive down a road and run into a truck that was backing out of a driveway. We stayed, someone called 911 and we blocked the street and gave a report to the police. That was terrifying and really worried my companion since he has family that rides motorcycles.

Hmmm well this week wasnt as crazily fantastic as I would love to write, It has been hot here, every once and awhile a cool breeze but for the past week it has stayed quite warm.

I also got to go on an exchange with the Zone Leaders this week, and I got to drive! That was awesome, we had some really good lessons and it was absolutely crazy to teach someone in english. I still can speak but to go to a spiritual level in english and have them feel the spirit is a wonderful moment, and I am suprised that I can still do that.

We spent a lot of time finding new people this week. Just yesterday evening we were in a trailer park and we came up and knocked on someone’s door since my companion had said that they were hispanic. We knocked and a woman named adriana answered, she was super cool and gave us some water. She told us she had seen missionaries there before since we go there, the sign language elders go there, and the english elders go there. We are going back to teach her tonight and had left her with a pamphlet about the restoration! I hope it all goes well and I have a lot of faith in her becoming a member with her family!

My companion and I are on an awesome roll as well, I feel we have figured out how to teach in sync, though he has only a few months, he has such a drive and desire to teach everyone this message and with his will and mine combined we are having an awesome time! We even (he) made a cake (and I ate it)!

I hope you have a wonderful rest of your week and take care!

Elder Grant Hagen!”

Gran'ts Companion, Elder Kremer, shows off his cake frosting skills

Gran’ts Companion, Elder Kremer, shows off his cake frosting skills


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