Just Don’t Send Fruit

Dearest Mother,

Happy Monday!

This week was spent trying to invite a ton of people to baptism, it seems to be a very easy manner to determine who we should still visit and teach, and who isn’t ready just yet. We went around to the people who we had taught at least once and told them, “this lesson we are going to invite you to be baptized” to some it was a shock, others may have just glazed over it and the invitation at the end caught them a little unwary. I am learning that I need to invite everyone to be baptized, that some people may not understand the purpose of our visits with them or what we are helping them to accomplish. I am excited though, because my whole district is on board with this, the sisters have set a few baptismal dates, the other elders set a date and we are still working on it. We are all working towards the same goal and the same Lord is who we represent. I can see that where I am lacking right now is with member involvement. When a missionary teaches someone they want them to know the gospel is true, and sometimes a missionary just looks like a kid in a white shirt and a tie. I am working on having specific members visiting our investigators even when we aren’t there, not to teach, but to be friends who know and love the gospel. It makes the conversion process so much easier for everyone, especially the brave investigator, who meets these two men on their doorstep, they feel the spirit for maybe the first time, new people are going by, they are being invited to do things they have never done before. I have confidence in the progression of the work. In our mission for someone to be baptized they need to come to church at least 3 times to show they are willing and understand the importance of this work. Which means that anyone I find now, if I get transfered, will not be able to be baptized while I am here, and I need to be and am okay with that, I am understanding that being the one doing the actual baptism does not bring the true satisfaction. What does bring that joy is seeing the people and faces here in Texas with us in the Celestial Kingdom. That is my goal. That is what brings me joy!

cooling temperatures

cooling temperatures

Texas is starting to cool down, I went tracting with another elder in his area since they didn’t have anyone to teach. We were right by the local college and there are about thirty apartment complexes, we knocked a lot of doors and it was hot, even though we were in the shade! As we were walking I saw this guy across the parking lot and shouted “HEY! we want to invite you to join our church and be baptized, and heres why!” We then had a lesson and he had a lot of amazing questions! I think he can and will know the gospel to be true, but he may go to the YSA ward instead of the Spanish ward.

Knocking doors

Knocking doors

As far as snacks, I really have no idea if I was thinking of anything specific, I do need more razor blades though, just dont send fruit, I have heard too many missionary stories of people sending cheeses or fruit and it gets baked or destroyed by the Texas humidity or heat even before it gets to the doorstep.

I love you so much though and thank you for all you do!

Love, your son,
Elder Grant Hagen”

Selfie at his desk

Selfie at his desk


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