A Very Good Week

So a couple weeks ago Grant asked for some snacks but was non-specific about the type he wanted. So I checked out Amazon Pantry for the first time, where for 5 bucks shipping they send a huge box, no matter how full it is. So, I filled the box! I may have gone a little overboard, but that huge smile on his face tells me it was worth it. He is working so hard… he deserved a giant treat! I’m also very excited that his one year mark is next month! Happy days!!!


Well I got a barrage of happiness and joy this week! I was so grateful for all the food, I may not need to buy anything for the rest of the transfer, which is in 2 weeks. Thank you so much! It was a joy to get that surprise. I have been in this same place for seven and a half months, that isnt very common, and I feel I will be moved in the beginning of October.

So Happy!!

So Happy!!

My companion has been Elder Kremer since the end of May, he is from Taylorsville Utah and I trained him as within two days of him getting off of the plane in Mexico! He cooks because he likes to, he took culinary school for two years and knows his stuff! We have been getting along great! We focus on being 100% obedient to the mission rules and we see miracles! I will tell you about one this week!

We ran into a Hispanic man named Luis this week, he is one of the coolest people I have ever met. We knocked on the door of a less active I have been trying to contact in all of my time here to no avail. We knocked and he answered! This guy was friends with the less-active before he left. To top it off the man left Luis all of his church books (except his Book of Mormon, but all the pamphlets and such) ! When he answered the door, he went back inside to bring us Gospel Principles that he was reading, he has almost read the whole thing! When we taught him, he already knew all of the prophets, the church lingo, and accepted to be baptized! I am so grateful for the Lord and the blessings that we receive as we are obedient! He hasnt accepted a specific date, but we will get him there!

Texas decided to cool down for the weekend! Which means humidity for this week but we got to enjoy 60 degree mornings and highs of 77 according to my bicycle thermometer. Which says that I have ridden almost 2500 miles on my mission so far!

Cooler weather and one of his favorite books

Cooler weather and one of his favorite books

I love you and I hope you week isnt as crazy! take care and I know my year mark is coming, coming way to fast really.

Te amo!

Elder Grant Hagen”

(front from left to right) Elder Espinoza, Semadeni, (back row) Elder Kremer, and Myself

(front from left to right) Elder Espinoza, Semadeni, (back row) Elder Kremer, and Myself


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