I will start with the most important, yes I am getting transferred, I found out last week on Tuesday! I will be going to Fort Worth! I will be in a trio, I will still be the district leader, and I will be training again! the address will be 1418 Lincoln Ave #2 Fortworth Tx 76164. There is definitely a mixed feeling and I have heard the area is great! Every week there are reports on what districts got what numbers, this week we got rank 2 and the fortworth got rank 1. I am grateful to serve where ever I am called to go.

So I got a call on Tuesday from President Ames in the morning telling us where we would be going, I was expecting him to call to tell us that my companion was going to be district leader or something, so I was a bit surprised when I got the call. I was expecting to be transferred though since I have been here about a third of my whole mission.

This friday we had a cultural night in the ward! The ward had been preparing it for weeks and on Friday it all came together, each member brought food. It was basically a giant potluck but the food was what the eat culturally! It was wonderful, there was lots of food from Mexico, some from Honduras, Chile, El Salvador, Puerto Rico, and others! Some of the members then sang or danced as parts of cultural acts to represent their heritage. We were able to have a few investigators there from each of the companionships so it all totaled out well.

On saturday I went to three baptisms! The first one was for the local English ward, and the relief society room where the font and where we hold the meeting was packed! the only space was up front and the center aisle, there were about 6 elders 8 elders standing in the back and we all were so happy to see the baptism! The next was a man named Daniel! He was baptized into the spanish ward, the sisters were teaching him and he decided to be baptized, that was a great experience and again the room was packed! except this time it was in spanish and there were several non members there as well! His baptism was coupled with a member of the ward who had turned 8 years old. Elder Kremer, Elder Haufano, Elder Fitzgerald and I all sang “All Creatures of Our God and King” while Elder Haufano played the guitar, I plan to get a recording of that.

I had debated on shortening my mission before I left, now I am grateful I didn’t however, I deferred for the winter semester instead of the Fall so that will be different, would you be able to ask and see when we need to look for housing? and or enrollment into classes? Thank you!

I hope you have a great week! Take care! Send me more questions so I can be answer specific!

Love Elder Grant Hagen

Photos: Elder Kremer, Me, Elder Espinoza, Elder Semadeni
september 2014 riding with his homey elders
-Texas skies are beautiful
September 2014 beautiful Texas sky
– We found the texas flag by a dumpster and decided to take some pictures!
September 2014 texas flag
– Spanish Cultural night
September 2014 Spanish ward cultural night

Howdy padre,

I did get spencer’s letter and the photo card, it was funny, I was about to ask if it had anything on it.. then I plugged it in and WOW! my family was there! That was wonderful and hilarious.

I will be getting transferred, I will be going to Fort Worth proper, to an apartment that has been infamously dubbed by missionaries as “the (haunted) Mansion” due to poor security systems. Thankfully I will be with a Polynesian companion and together we will be training a new missionary!

A picture of the spanish cultural night that the ward had, that was fantastic! we had lots of food from a few different nations.
September 2014 Spanish ward cultural night 2

Spencer’s letter and the memory card
September 2014 letter from spencer

This really cool Gecko that was on someone’s house, there were three but two booked it when my companion tried to grab them. It is about the size of my hand, most that we see are about the size of a quarter. It seems to be the common animal here in texas, besides tons of cats and dogs, as well as the occasional roadkill armadillo, I have never seen a live one.
September 2014 gecko

So you want me to send the memory card back after I fill it?

I hope you have a great week and aren’t too stressed out! Take care I hope to hear from yall soon!

Con amor,

Elder Grant Hagen


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