Howdy Madre,

This week was interesting, it is definitely cooling down here in Texas and we have had some beautiful skies, I hope my pictures can work, I think something is wrong with the laptop I am using…. I dont think I will be able to send pictures this week…. Uh oh.

SO I have been here and there and opposition really exists, it is a real force that combats the progress of the work of God. We didn’t teach as many people as we normally do, many people denied us or werent home at the times that we normally go by them. We had one guy start yelling at us when we waved at him, that made us laugh as we rode on by. It makes me ponder though, here I am for two years doing the work of salvation for all those who havent or dont know about this great work. Sometimes I wonder what it will be like, in the book of Jacob he talks about how he and his brother Joseph preached and taught the people to the point that they were clean of the blood of their people. If I do my work right, I will reach that too, I need to understand that not everyone accepts this message, and that right there is where some missionaries mistakenly draw their self worth. But I know that this mission is not in vain.

We are teaching a few people who are prepared to be taught, we are teaching a family named Carlos and Jill, they are fantastic wonderful people. We can set appointments and they will always be there or call and reschedule, they understand what we teach to them. It is such a joy to see people whose hearts are open and prepared by the Lord to learn our message. They havent accepted to be baptized yet but we are working on that!

I will find a way to send pictures but I cannot guarentee that it will be this week.

Also, this is the last week of transfers, Monday will be when I get a phone call telling me what I am doing for the next six weeks! I may move since I have been here almost a third of my mission.

I love you so much and pray for yall often!

Elder Grant Hagen

Dear Dad,

This week I tried to go back through my pictures to reflect on the week, and my memory card wont work with this laptop, I tried it with my companion’s and it works fine… so hmmm.

My week included a lot of biking, OH! I totally ate it again, so I guess that makes four times in total now, but thats okay, I was on an exchange a few days later and the other elder fell twice due to barely clipping his handle bars on a pole.

We were riding at the end of the day, going up a street to get back to our apartment but decided to take this rough pavement/ gravel road because we had heard a potential investigator had moved there, so we were riding and I took both hands off of my bike to fix something with my bag and helmet, which I can normally do fine. The bike pitched out from under me, I over corrected, rolled and stood up all before my companion really understood what happened, He told my I got up so fast he wasnt sure if I had really crashed. My hip was bruised for a couple of days but that is the only thing that happened, not even a rip on my pants.

The picture of the lobster and shrimp looks fantastic, and very californian. I had a wonderful grilled chicken in sweet and sour sauce on friday at a member’s home! Yesterday for dinner we had a soup that is really common in mexico, I love it so much now too! It starts with a P but every time I hear it I end up forgetting the name. It is a red soup with chicken (usually with bones and all) and soaked corn in it so that it puffs up. You add lettuce, onion, and lime to it and it is fantastic. Some people serve it with tortilla chips on the side or in the soup. Really messy though and I have yet to end up not splashing a red drop on my white shirt.

I may get transferred, If I train or become a zone leader I will know this week as well!
I hope you have a fantastic week! Take pictures of the move/ new shop!

Elder Grant Hagen


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