The Haunted Mansion and Using Skills Learned from Dad

Just a note, Grant is talking about Elder Shepard because, on the “Mom’s of Texas Fort Worth Missionaries” page, several of us “seasoned” moms had been helping Elder Shepard’s mom deal with the stress of waiting for word from her missionary, who had left the Mexico City MTC that morning on his way to Fort Worth. You would think it would be easy, but waiting for word that they have safely arrived and are happily situated can be agonizing. Especially since you usually don’t hear anything for at least a couple days (it took 4 before we knew about Grant). We mom’s tried to lighten the mood by taking “bets” about who would train her son. I thought it might be Grant since only 2 missionaries left Mexico City for Fort Worth that day. I had a 50/50 shot.

“Wow! This week has been so intense! I have been so grateful for my time in Denton and now here I am on a fresh start and a new adventure. I will start with wednesday I guess, that morning I had to be on a hour car ride to be at that stake center for the new missionary meeting, it was so nice that they provided breakfast and I saw a man with a camera taking pictures of the food so I thought if I stepped in he would take one that hopefully would reach you and it seems it did!

Picture posted on the "Texas Fort Worth Mission" page by the wonderful Sister Ames, mission president's wife

Picture posted on the “Texas Fort Worth Mission” page by the wonderful Sister Ames, mission president’s wife

I am serving with Elder Tulaga from Samoa now Utah, and with elder Lickiss who was elder Shepard’s companion in the MTC. By the Way if Sister shepard is worried about her son, he has one of the best missionaries in the whole mission training him! Elder Badillo is fantastic, funny and has the best spanish in the whole mission. He was trained by the same trainer who trained me, (if that makes sense).

(first picture from left to right Elder Tulaga, Elder Tanner, Elder Hansen(their trainer), Elder Ostlund(my trainer), Me, Elder Badillo)
october 2014 trainers meeting

My new area is full, and I mean full, of Spanish speaking people! We are a bike area but we had difficulties with getting a third bike so we have been on foot for the past couple days (we got a bike today) Our area is so small that we can pretty much walk to the edges in an hour, yesterday we met a man who was being taught before we got here, we invited him to be baptized, he explained he was already in a river. We will work on that but he was super awesome, he played the guitar and sang in spanish about god.

The apartment used to be called the haunted mansion due to faulty plumbing, electricity, and the occasional break in through the garage (that has been fixed) All of that seems to be fixed now and I have even taken the liberty to clean, fix cabinet, rehinge and adjust doors. So now it is just the biggest apartment in the mission! No missionary has ever had any difficulties in this area, and I definitely wont. Some have just been spooked in the past.

(Next Picture, nuestro casa)
october 2014 new apartment in fort worth

Love the apartment mascot!

Love the apartment mascot!

My address is 1418 Lincoln Ave #2 Fort Worth TX 76164

I want you to know that I am seeing progress in the lives of so many souls and this work goes even faster with the help of the members, as President Bednar said in General Conferece, we share this message because it brings us joy!

I did get to enjoy conference, we watched the first session in spanish then the rest in english since it was easier for us to understand and since we are all still learning we wanted to get the doctrine out of the talks more than the spanish. Though it was really cool to hear some people speak in their native languages.

 We had a good Saturday conference dinner

We had a good Saturday conference dinner

Erm I am not sure about this computer, it may kick me off when my time ends so…

I love you! Could you send some snacks and protein powder, My last companion and I pretty much ate everything before I left so it all worked out that we finished the food before I left.

I hope you have a fantastic week
Con amor siempre,

Elder Grant Hagen”


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