A Year From Today!!!

Dearest Mother,

Today is exactly a year from when I go home, I may celebrate in the historic stockyards of Fort Worth Texas with a bar-b-que buffet, Dad’s smoked meat looks fantastic, I made cinnamon rolls this morning that were fantastic but a little biscuity, I got them from a recipe.

A book mom sent Grant a few months ago. Mom was given one many years ago when she graduated high school. It's a very handy book.

A book mom sent Grant a few months ago. Mom was given one many years ago when she graduated high school. It’s a very handy book.

October 2014 Trying out Cinnemon Roll recipes 2

Thankyou for sending the packages! I cant wait to get them

I want to give you a heads up that I may need 400 dollars soon as well, we are getting I Pads before the end of the year and I may need the money, I can use my personal account, but I would greatly appreciate if yall would like to help as well.

I am loving my companions, and repairing the apartment. I have fixed every door knob in the apartment (they used to fall off) and we have put in all the lightbulbs we can. The lava lamp was found a few weeks before I got here and the elder fixed it up the bear has been here for more than a year.

This week we got to see Meet the Mormons movie! Check it out, I love it!

I thank you for all you do and I love you so much!

Love Elder Grant Hagen

“Amado Padre,

Pues muy bien aqui! Hemos hecho muchos cosas! I learned that a lot of the members that are in my area are less active, we are trying to animate them to do missionary work and return to church, that will come and is working!

This week was wonderful, we had a zone council on tuesday in which we set a monthly goal for the number of baptisms we would reach as a zone. On thursday we had a wonderful time and we were able to watch the new movie/ documentary Meet the Mormons, I hope yall have heard of it, I thought it was going to be just like the restoration video or the Testaments, or Legacy. This is a full blown film that is in theatres right now! I really liked it, to be honest as a missionary it felt weird to be watching a movie again. Fun, but strange. This is not a missionary movie, it is a movie that really says, look society, you have heard of us for decades, referenced us in many films, plays, jokes, and now here we are and we are going to show you what it is like to actually be a mormon! This went quite well, sadly it isnt in spanish so it may be hard to get investigators to go but I am trying and inviting all people. We knocked a couple doors and two of them said they were baptist, I said that is great we are representatives of Jesus Christ. They stated we dont believe in the same Christ and arent interested. I invited them to go to meetthemormons.com and check out the website! They did and I hope they change their view!

Posted by Sister Ames

Posted by Sister Ames

This new area is pure spanish, it is a city, well a suburb yet almost all spanish speaking!

As missionaries we are the “flagship” mission, we are pioneering new techniques and dont follow a rigid manner and method to teach. I usually go by the spirit on what I need to teach. I like teaching revelation, that there is revelation revealed to man, that is why we have prophets, and that revelation continues even in todays times through this restored gospel. We are teaching a man named Miguel who is super awesome, and knows a ton of scriptures and is a well rounded, logical and deep thinking man. It feels like a mental mind game of chess when we are over there, I struggle including my companions in the lessons just because he hasnt asked a single question that I couldnt counter, testify, bear witness, and thoroughly answer.

I am in a spanish ward but I still havent really been able to meet them! We have had general conference the first sunday, then stake conference yesterday. So this sunday will be my first!

This Thursday Elder Cardon of the first quorum of the Seventy will be here, we will have a wonderful time and get ot learn a ton!

I e-mail in a fortworth library branch, it has an awesome view of the whole city because it sits up on a hill and a field rolls forth for a few blocks until it gets to the suburbs again.

Have a great week, this computer kicks me off mid-e-mail so I want to share with mom too!

Love Elder Grant Hagen!”

Fort Worth South District (English and Spanish)

Fort Worth South District (English and Spanish)


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