Howdy Y Hola and Riding a Mechanical Horse?

Email to Mom:

“Howdy y hola,

I said I would be going home a year from that day since I have a proselyting license, each missionary has a little card that is proof signed by the prophet saying that they have the right to preach. I assume that is my day to go home since at that day I cannot preach legally anymore. I think it is a safe assumption… Unless I get an extension!

Zach and I are e-mailing each other back and forth weekly usually just a few lines, but I plan to keep in contact with him until the end of his mission! I got a letter from Aunt Heather from dear Elder this week as well, it was wonderful she told of the experience of dropping off Zach.

I am a happy missionary, I got three large and fattening packages this week! I Have been dipping the pretzel sticks in the nutella and we have a marshmallowgun… I will be making smores now though because that sounds great!

Box of Goodies!

Box of Goodies!

On Monday we went to the famous Fort Worth Stock Yards for cattle. We ate at a bar-b-que rib buffet called Riskys! Then we watched the daily cattle drive of the Long Horns, those are big creatures and their horns span about six feet! I may spend 200$ to but a nice pair and have them shipped home as a wall mount!

Stock Yard

Stock Yard

This week we also got to be in a conference with Elder Cardon of the First Quorum of the Seventy, he is amazing and shared great insights on to feeling, using, and understanding the spirit.

Te amo mas que puedo describir, gracais mi mama por todo lo que tu haces, espero que tengan buen semana y siempre oro para ustedes.


Con carino,
Elder Grant Hagen”

Email to Dad:

“On Monday I went to a fantastic well known barbque place called Riskys in the Historic Stockyards of Fort Worth, it is definitely a place worth going to and takes up about a tenth of my area since we supposedly cover that area, sadly not good for proselyting. We need to plan a trip to come down here one Saturday since that is when they hold the Rodeos.

As for the ribs at Riskys. It was a 12 dollar buffet where they serve you four large ribs at a time, I ended with 16, my companion Elder Tulaga holds the record before I got here at 21 ribs. That is a lot of food and we had an eating competition among the elders.

Riscky's Bar-b-q

Riscky’s Bar-b-q

October 2014  riscky's barbq missionaries

There was also a few Texan-ware store with hats, boots, belts, belt buckles, chaps, and anything else that might be needed, along with Long Horn wall mounts. Those are pretty cool!

Mmmm... gummy bacon anyone?

Mmmm… gummy bacon anyone?

Along the street are several mechanical horses, I rode one… not as fun as it looked.

Since everyone here speaks Spanish we are having no trouble finding Spanish speaking people, just people who are interested in hearing about God and the importance of the Gospel. I am learning to ask inspired questions that really get people thinking, hopefully to prep their curiosity. What do you know about the plan for this life? We helped two ladies with loading metal into the back of their truck and we found this 1950 ford Fairlainer along with a 1980 VW and a 1954 Dodge all owned by a Spanish guy named Antonio, he reminded me a lot of Uncle David in how passionate he is about cars, which was really cool to meet someone who speaks Spanish to have that kind of a hobby as well!

We have about five baptism dates set for the ward, our companionship doesn’t have any personally but we are working towards it. When we teach the members it goes really well and we are slowly gaining their trust for referrals, I feel like there is a bunch of tension building up and we are prepping for this area to burst with success!

Well I love ya’ll and hope yall have a great week!

Elder Grant Hagen”


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