“It is a wonderful work and I know with all of my heart that it is true!”

Dear Father,

I should get T-shirts, the In-N-Out here has t-shirts that say texas on the front, I have been planing to get one.

We live near a private airport that planes are always taking off from, someone has a WWII bomber that they fly once and a while, that thing is loud, some of the planes fly really low that it sounds as though they were going to hit the house. I got a picture of the plane, that is why a wrote this.

October 2014 Old plane flying over

I told mom about some of the stories we had of this week, I am getting better at writing in my journal too, that is really helping, I guess I have never really thought about it but do you have a journal? I have been thinking about all the experience that happen in life and if I record them or not.

I have been using the cookbooks that yall sent as well, that is the picture that I sent to mom, I had made chicken and cheese burritos then I fried them and covered them in lettuce and hot sauce.

October 2014 Cooking good food

You learn how to smoke things” (Just to clarify…Gary/Dad got a barbeque\smoker for his birthday. He is smoking food items, i.e. meat and vegetables. I smoked artichoke last week. So good! We are not smoking in other ways!) “and we can come to all of the barbque offs that they have here in texas, I have learned the ways of the Mexican cooking, so we can cover all bases. Victory will be ours! We had dinner with an investigator family at a family reunion, the mother-in-law invited us over, we are teaching her, her husband, and accross the street we are teaching their daughter and her husband. They are super cool people whom missionaries have taught for about four years. So when we go there we always bring up baptism. They cooked some taco meat of the ends and bits of meat all fried in salt and oil for a few hours, it was quite good with some tortillas and arroz.

“I struggled to read that paragraph about my brothers at Hometown buffet,” (Spencer (the now 10 year old little brother) chose this restaurant for his birthday a week ago. It is a buffet and several times the brothers mentioned how much Grant would like things.) “I miss yall too, I am so grateful for the pictures that yall send. I love yall so much and want you to know that these two years will not and are not wasted, and how great will be the joy when we are together.

take care!
Love Elder Grant Hagen”

“In three days I will have been away from home for exactly a year. That is a incredible and intense thought to be honest.

This week was the first week without any meetings which means we were able to work every day! We also went to a pawn shop again and bought my companion a really nice bike and I got to barter!
We took last preparation day as a bit of a relaxing day too so there wasn’t anything super crazy about it, I sat in a nice chair, turned on some instrumental music and wrote letters, it was really peaceful. This week we plan to go to the zoo today! I look forward to it and they are preparing something called “boo at the zoo” about Halloween.

I want you to know that I have really learned how to control stress, I haven’t had a moment where I have been frustrated, upset. Really all has been well and I can only ask that peoples’ agency make them take the decision to be baptized.

Yesterday I conducted another baptismal interview, as a ward we have ten baptismal dates among the four companionships and five people came to church. The work really comes down to if the people will feel loved, welcomed, comfortable going to church. That is not possible without the members, that is why sometimes it is easier to work with the friends of the members, but that requires the trust of the missionaries.

We met a fantastic guy named Ishamael from the Dominican Republic, we were biking down a street not often visited by missionaries and we had knocked a door of where a less active was assumed to live, no one answered. We continued biking and I stopped to talk to a man sitting on his porch holding a practically newborn girl. Turns out he spoke English, but he said there was a guy boarding with them who spoke Spanish. No less that five minutes of conversation of him asking us about what we do, why we do it. The other man pulled up in his car speaking Spanish on his phone! He was walking inside when the man with the baby said, “hey these guys want to talk to you” he turned, asked if we believed Jesus Christ was the savior of the world, I responded yes! if he wasn’t we wouldn’t be la Iglesia de Jesu Cristo de los Santos de los Ultimos Dias. That caught his attention, he brought us some water and sat on the curb for about an hour as we talked about scriptures, how he is a teacher in his church and he knows a good deal of the bible. The following morning we were able to get him a copy of the Book of Mormon in Spanish before we went to our missionary meeting with our ward mission leader.

We are finding people that are prepared for the gospel! We met one man who had been taking lessons a year ago, he prayed for help as he was going through a tough time, and we showed up at his door. Sadly he goes to the english ward but now he has a baptismal date! On Friday we were biking up a street and stopped at a light near the stockyards, another man stopped us and said he had met with missionaries a while back and was ready to change his life now and asked for a copy of the Book of Mormon.

These instances are testimonies that God does prepare people and that they are really ready for the gospel, it is a wonderful work and I know with all of my heart that it is true!

I love you! Would yall be able to send something like oranges or citrus fruit? I don’t know if it is possible but I have missed fruit, I buy pineapple every once and a while and I buy bananas weekly but I feel real fruit is something that I have missed in a while.

Thank you for all yall do! I love you so dearly!

Elder Grant Hagen”


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