The Last Halloween

That was the last Halloween I will get to spend as a missionary, that is a weird thought.

This week was full of interesting things, on Monday we went to the Fort Worth Zoo!
october 2014 zoo 3

october 2014 zoo 1

october 2014 zoo 2

​It was a really cool experience and a nice visit for preparation Day! Look I got to pet a Tiger!
​Nah I just found out I have a decent zoom

October 2014 zoo 4

That was the zoo experience, then we had halloween on Friday, as a mission we weren’t allowed to go tracting or proselyting so we went to the ward party/ trunk or treat, there were quite a few investigators! Also,

Grandma and Grandpa hagen sent a Halloween package, in it were these glasses, I am still amused by them.

october 2014 funny glasses

I got the wood postcard last week at the stock yards, they have the Rodeo there and across the street there are a few gift shops, the postcard I bought in a shop owned by a member who also has a wall with all the names of every missionary who has ever visited there since 2008!

As far as fruit, I did go out and buy some pineapple, bananas and apples. I figured it out.

Also this week we found a super cool new family that we are going to start teaching! The father had accepted a Book of Mormon in the past, we contacted him by showing him a picture of Christ appearing in the Americas, proceeded to explain the significance and the importance of the Book of Mormon, it turned into a wonderful return appointment and a great spiritual lesson on Saturday night.

I love you and hope you have a great week! take care!

Love Elder Grant Hagen

Dear Dad,

This week was quite busy in going about, we are building up a great relation with the ward. For example at the ward activity there was a costume competition, so we volunteered our trainee as a judge, he ended up getting the numbers and good time to visit ward members and those who want to go on exchanges, that worked super well! We did have a trunk or treat! We were combined with the English ward so they kinda did the trunk or treat while we had activities inside. Grandma and Grandpa Hagen sent a cool Halloween package with these “masks”

october 2014 funny glasses 2

and the Tolens sent a great package last week with a carvable pumpkin! I also bought a pumpkin pie for Halloween, baked it in the morning, it cooled during studies, and we ate it during lunch and dinner, it worked out really well and was delicious.

october 2014 pumpkin pie

We also went to the zoo on Monday, that was an interesting trip as well! We went as a zone and got to see some good sights.

October 2014 zoo 5

I also saw this blazer and thought about the truck,

October 2014 Old jimmy reminder of truck

I hope you have a great week this week, let me know how SEMA goes! Maybe Bro Laroche needs a segway, take care!

Love Elder Grant Hagen


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