Old Technology = Bad Grammar


Dear Mom,

This week was an interesting one as winter is mfinally settling in, excuse the grammer errosrs as I am typing faster than this machine ish shoiwng.

This week we were stuck in the cold, most of the things that I thought were highlights I mentioned in my letter to dad, We also went on an eschange with the zone leaders in our area, it was

a good experience and I learned a great deal on how they teach and It was a moment of learning.

This computer is so slow, and it kicked me off halfway through writing this E-mail.

Normally we stay in an area about three to four and a half months, but I stayed in denton for seven due to how the circumstances worked out. I just assumed that I was going to be or will be transfered next transfer due to how missionareies had been in this area before and the relations of the companioships before me in ths area seemed that someone was lcoming and going about once a stransfer. Speaking of which transfers will be a week before christmas this upcoming month, just as a heads up. I am also preparing a package to send home I dont know when I wil lfinish it and get all that I want inside, such as stuff I dont wasnt to tlugg around, gifts, possible pictures or SD card.

We held a missionary activity this saturday that went well, a couple families from the ward attended and we talked about missionary work, our ward mission leader wants the ward to know that we have 9 missionaries in one ward and that this isnt common.

I would love to hear from yall at the christmas choir, when you do it I would love a recording, we may be going caroling as missionaries.

The hardest realization for me now is the fact that I am in the mission for les thatn a year left! It doesnt feel real and I feel like there is so much that I can still and Have to learn before I will feel accomplished.

It seems that we may not be getting IPADS until the beginning of next year, I am fine with it but I think my companoin will go crazy.

I love you so much and hope that you have a great week, I dont think there is anything that I need like crazy but If yall want to send pictures I always appreciate those!

re reading this my typing is horrendous so please excuse my mistakes, makes me sound like a texan!

Elder Grant Hagen

This is my friend who walked up and decided to tract with us, I think he was part rotweiler and part lab, never saw him again thoughNovember 2014 lab friend


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