the Designated Driver!

Mom’s email:
“Time is going fast, I wish I knew where I will be, I will know next Monday, but I may not be able to e-mail on Monday due to a planned Temple Trip for Tuesday, so I would e-mail on Tuesday then. Time does seem to go by fast, Mitchell Edginton e-mailed me for the first time last week, apparently he guessed my e-mail! Haha! It is great to talk with him too, but he mentioned how he only has 9 months left and I have 10, 10!! that is not a lot of time and it kinda scares me to think about how short all of this really is but also how much I have learned and grown.
So lets see… Things that happened this week, well I held a district meeting on Wednesday, we went over topics on how to improve ourselves as missionaries, and I had asked everyone to take the Preach My Gospel Plan of Salvation Lesson 2 Bullet Points and apply them to their personal missionary lives, that was an amazing exercise and we all learned how to be more “refined” and how short this mission really is but how much it can affect a lifetime in the long run.
Other unusual things this week, last night I made a really good Chicken Pot pie! I cooked chicken, cubed it, added vegetables in a can, added cream of chicken with herbs, seasoned, and baked in the oven with biscuit dough on top! That turned out delicious and I have enough for a few more meals!
We had a cockroach the size of dads shortened middle finger this week, it seems like one shows up once a month, so we killed it with a coat hanger…
A highlight to the different this week was on Wednesday the Zone leaders came and picked me up right as we got home, I had no idea what was going on, they drove to their apartment, had me drive back with one of them in a different car, had me park in the garage of my apartment, and told us the car was ours! At least for a little while! What had happened is that another area closed down and we were able to get the car, I cant say why it shut down but I guess is worked out for us and I am the designated Driver!
December 2014 designated driver
I hope yall have a great week! Don’t stress and let those people at school get you down! I pray for you and los de mas every day! I love you so much!
Con amor,
Elder Grant Hagen”

Dad’s email:
“Thank you for sending those great pictures, that is the funniest man-hole cover, it reminds me of a lot of Signs I see outside of Hispanic peoples homes, just by the pot metal and the lettering. Everyone in this area seems to have a cast iron sign with their family name, address, and a statue of Christ, or the Virgin Maria, or some other object, it makes it easy to know if they speak Spanish. apparently they are bought at a flea market in downtown on sundays… So we may not be able to get one until we return to texas next November, jajajaja! They are cool signs, one of the less active members we are working with has one and he said they cost about thirty dollars, I asked him if he could get one made for me but he said that he really doesn’t go to the flea market any more, so there went that hope. I also just realized that since I normally type my e-mails in the corner of the screen they end up a lot smaller then I think they will be, like these four lines looked like a huge message while I was typing, so I enlarged the screen and discovered my error.
Here are some pictures of the week
Cockroach running in the bathroom Closet
December 2014 cockroach 1
Companion killing the cockroach while the other two take pictures
December 2014 cockroach 2
Our new car! it has about 8000 miles on it! We have mileage allotments for the months, and when a mission car reaches 40000 to 50000 it is returned to Utah where it is resold discounted!
December car
Us tracting on a hill that overlooks the main city, Northside is up on an elevated area that over looks the rest of the city, it is really cool since Texas is so flat, we can see to downtown anywhere we are.
December 2014 knocking doors
Elder Lickiss made fudge that is 90% sugar, and 10% chocolate! Really good, but really going to make me fat, that was taken on Thursday, there is almost none left
December 2014 fudge
Hope you have a great week!
Con amor,
 tu hijo,
Elder Grant Hagen”

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