Christmas and Companions

Mi amado Mama!
Well Today I went to the temple again! It was a wonderful experience that I am glad I was able to share with my companions this week right before transfers. We got up at 4:15 to get ready and be on the road with the other elders in the car of the Elders Quorum president from Puerto Rico. He drove us down there an hour away and we all got to enjoy a temple session as a district. It is definitely one of my goals that for after the mission I need to regularly attend the temple, I attached a picture of my trio and of our district as a whole. After the session we all took photos for a bit, then had the hour haul to get back to Fort Worth.
december temple trip December 2014 temple
I found out about transfers, since my companion was on an exchange with the zone leaders, a little early this time, actually on Saturday since that is when the Zone leaders get the report on who is going where and who is receiving what assignment. I will be staying in this area of Northside for a third transfer! Yet my companions will both be leaving, Elder Tulaga will go with Elder kremer who was my companion before coming here, and Elder Lickiss is going with a missionary named Elder Meyer in a place called Stevenville, which is the cowboy capital of the world, no joke, that is the title of the City! Elder Tulaga will be going to Cleburne as well and be on a bike.
We also have to give the car to another area today, it was reassigned since we are the smallest area in the mission, but it was definitely nice and appreciated during the time that we had to use it, the air conditioning and all the greatness of quick travel. I will be alright being back on bikes though, since it is much easier to contact a greater number of people on the routes we travel. Speaking of which on Saturday we went to a completely random street, stopped, and visited everyone that we saw! It was super awesome and we found about 7 or 8 families, so now we have to see how interested they are since they let us stop by once and share a quick Christmas Message. Also! My new Companion will be Elder Shepard who was Elder Lickiss’s MTC companion! So that will interesting and I hope to have some great experiences serving with him, he was just trained by Elder Badillo who is a fluent and native Spanish speaker and someone I respect quite well!
So I do have a few boots, but most are really expensive!!!! Your average price will be about $150 for a pair, but they are really nice material, I found a couple that were on discount because the store is going under, and there was a pair left in the apartment that I have claimed and jealously guard.December 2014 boots
I also did get the wonderful tree that ya’ll sent! I love it so much! The night (last night) it got here I unwrapped, and set it up, each ornament is heart warming and I thank yall so much for the support you give me!
December 2014 christmas tree
As far as Christmas calls, I will be using the cell phone, and I was planning on calling at about 3 o’clock my time which is 1PM California time right? I look forward to talking with yall and we each have an hour to do so!
I hope you have a great week! Stay dry! It is still dry here in Texas but the cold is starting in now! Who knows how long it will last until another warm spell. Take care!
Con mucho amor!
Elder Grant Hagen

Hola papi!
Muy bien! Esta semana fue excelente! Estoy muy agradecido que pudiera recibir mi mensaje de la semana pasada. So this week was transfers on Wednesday right after having that great temple trip!
Really quick, gas prices are super low here, like $1.80 for a gallon, do you know why they have dropped about 2 dollars so fast?
I haven’t gotten the Christmas package yet but we are going to have a district meeting in the morning of Christmas, then I will call ya’ll at 3’oclock Texas time, so 1 California time. On Christmas eve we have a Christmas devotional lunch with the mission president for three hours then a few great meals planned for later that night, I have two dinners planed for Christmas Eve, and so far 1 for Christmas, I don’t plan on going with 4 dinners again, that was crazy for Thanksgiving. It should be super awesome and I plan to take pictures all the way long.
This week my companions left me, they got into the white car in the picture and left, maybe I will see them at the devotional, but now I am with Elder Shepherd, he has been out as long as my trainee but speaks and understands Spanish as though he has been out much longer!
December 2014 companions leave
Shortly after he got here we went tracting and found a deer! The horns are real and it is one of their Christmas decorations, then it rained, rather poured on us within a couple of minutes, that was unexpected and crazy!
December 2014 deer
Our ward also had their Christmas party on Saturday, it was a wonderful experience, we shared the Christmas video, our district sang two hymns, they had a piñata, and we helped santa hand out presents to all of the children that were there. It was pretty cool!
December 2014 ward christmas party December 2014 ward christmas party santa
On Sunday Elder Shepherd and I were asked to teach the Gospel principles class about five minutes before it began! So we read the chapter and taught exaltation! The class was full, about 20-25 people and the lesson went super well and we got a couple compliments on it afterwards.
I hope you have a great week and I look forward to calling yall!
Thy son,
Elder Grant Hagen

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