Bus Trip and Fried Chicken

Hi Mom,

Your last email says it is from 2014… I also got all of those cool pictures of spencers room, it looks really cool! This week I don’t think my stories are as in depth, I guess we will have to see what I remember about what.

New Years Eve
So for New Years we were invited to have dinner with a part member family, the mom is named Maria and the whole family is super awesome! We got to there house and just a few of the family members were there and the grandmother was cooking the dinner still. She asked us if we had an appointment, we told her the truth that we had one in about an hour from when she asked. Apparently that wasn’t enough time to wait for everyone and she decided to serve us some delicious pasole, which is a soup of over hydrated corn, and either chicken or beef or sometimes pork, and comes in the colors of either red, green, or clear depending on spicyness and way they cook it, this one was red and it was delicious! We also had some baked sweet potatoes, and some fried tortillas with cinnamon and sugar ( I forgot what they are called, they are delicious, and I will have to make them when I get back, Remind Me). While we were eating, other family members arrived and we began to teach and talk since this family has heard all of the lessons from missionaries in the past, so we asked them what they wanted to learn, and taught to their interests and needs. That was a really cool experience.

Elder Sherpherd eating soup

Elder Sherpherd eating soup

Bus Trip
Since this is the first Saturday following the first Friday of the month and I am a district leader, we had a DLC which is a District Leadership Council, where we discuss the plans the mission has for the month with the Zone leaders, they gave us a ride to the church but due to some paperwork they wouldn’t be able to help us get back until way late at night. So for the first time on my mission we took the bus! That was an interesting, and long experience, the night before I planned on which bus numbers we would need to get home, where they stopped and about how long it would take. Well I messed up on some of the planning, we were at the first bus stop for about an hour, then the bus came and we got to the main terminal (Fort Worth has a really good bus system) and waited for the bus that would go right by our house. I didn’t know that Saturday busses have different routes than normal weekdays. So we were waiting at the transfer stop for about 30 minutes, then decided to check the sign, realized the mistake and hopped on the bus that would also take us to our area that had just arrived at the terminal. It was an interesting experience to say the least of.

New Investigators
We decided to go tracting for three hours after all of our appointments fell through on Wednesday or Thursday, I cant remember everything blends together. It was pouring rain then it would be a light mist, but there was a constant flow of water from the sky that night, and we went door to door, inviting people to listen to the message we had to share with everyone. We met a great deal of people, apparently if it is raining outside, people don’t expect us to be there. One instance, we knocked a house and the porch was locked so we couldn’t get to the front door. I felt we needed to knock the house that was built on the back of the property (that is how most are built here, a newer house in front and an old garage/apartment in back) We locked up our bikes, climbed the stairs that were half covered by the roof, so a nice waterfall down the middle. We knock the door and sang himno 88 in Spanish (Placentero nos es trabajar) the man who answered was in a red plaid shirt, slacks, and boots, ready to leave to a party. We sang, he told us it gave him the chills, we testified we are messengers of Jesus Christ, he told us to come back the following night. We did, he is super awesome and we hope to begin teaching him more.

Fried Chicken

On Friday we made fried Chicken, I had extra chicken in the freezer, and we decided to give it a try, we made gravy, Idahoan mashed potatoes, and hot chocolate. That was an awesome meal that I wanted to be recorded in the history of missionary life. I ended up making a powder of flour, salt, pepper, and seasonings, coated the thawed chicken in egg white, and put them in the bag of batter, removed, and into the pot of hot oil on the stove. It worked out really well!

January 2015 chef grant

Making and eating fried chicken

Making and eating fried chicken

I think that is it for interesting stories, well I have more in my journal, but this is all I can remember, have a great week! I love you! I cant believe that my brothers say I only have 9 months left! That is crazy! Take care!

Elder Grant Hagen



How-dy Pa
Well church starts at 1pm for us now, that is super different since we don’t finish until 4 now and we don’t get back until about 5, but I am excited to think that this time change will help. We had a break the fast with the ward on Sunday, that was a cool meal, Spanish food tastes even better after a fast, especially sweet cheese enchiladas, tuna salad, rice pudding, salad, it was really more of a nice potluck.
So during Christmas people had some cool decorations, one of which is this deer (picture #1)
Giant light up deer

Giant light up deer

I also saw this super cool bird, he was at a part members house, and he wouldn’t run from us, that was kind of weird
January 2015 winter bird
I had fried chicken we cooked this week, and it turned out great!
I know that this is Gods true work here on earth, that he lives, I bore my testimony in sacrament meeting on how as missionaries we are here to uplift and move forward as servants of God and are here to serve the members.
I hope you have a great week
I love you!
Elder Grant Hagen

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