Never a Scratch, Cut, nor Rip

Howdy Ya’ll/ Ma
I get Zach’s e-mail each week and we write each other, I support him, this week I gave him a talk about revelation by president Bednar, how it is sometimes an immediate process, but normally more like a sunrise until it covers the whole space, and I applied it to learning a language.

Based off of your e-mail I want to recount all of my biking accidents, for each to me has been a specific incident, and thankfully they are not very frequent.

The first one was when I was being trained by Elder Barnette, we were on an exchange and I was with a different elder, we were in the dark and heading home some time in January of last year. Texas had frozen over and there were patches of black ice on the road. What had happened was my bag got caught on my back wheel because it was hanging too low. I reached to adjust it, and I began to lean, I over corrected on some black ice and skid and fell. Got up, and really besides the fall, nothing had happened. That was kind of weird to be honest.

Next was being trained with Elder Ostlund. We were biking up to the library in Haltom, we were going along a road and got to a point where it was narrow and busy, so we got on the sidewalk for a bit, we kept riding and decided to get back on the road by taking a driveway, it was gravel, and I slid in  it, fell, and some how my handle bars ended up all twisted. A Hispanic man saw us, (since it was his driveway) went inside, got us some bottles of water, and came back out, when he got over to us I decided that I was going to try to share the gospel with him, he accepted a card, but that was the last we ever saw of him.

In Denton, I was with Elder Guiterrez and we had just finished visiting an investigator whom we later baptized, we were crossing a busy street to go up onto a mechanic shop’s driveway to get to the sidewalk. We went, and got up but I turned too much and slipped in the dusty gravel, got up, dusted myself off. We carried on.

With Elder Kremer we were going down a street in Denton, and I had taken my hands off of the handlebars, I lost my balance, over corrected, and fell, rolled, stood up, and the next thing I heard was my companion saying, “what was that?!?” since there was no delay, no pause in the fall, just kind of one continuous motion.

I am pretty sure I have fallen here once, but I cant remember how or why right now…. bummer.. . It is true though, I have never been scratched, cut, nor have I ripped anything from any of the falls. I am so grateful for that, Though with elder Kremer I think I bruised my hip a little, but that only lasted a few days.

Spanish Conference,

On Friday there was a Spanish Conference! This was an event similar to last year where they gather all of the Spanish missionaries in the mission and we council and train on how to get the work moving at an accelerated rate, based off of the teaching that we know individually and how we can council together to resolve outcomes. This meeting made me feel a little old to be honest, I saw so many new missionaries, or some that I knew but hadn’t served around, and a good deal of missionaries who were there last year are now home. That conference was a wonderful experience and I took about 6 pages of notes on things I learned and things I wanted to apply. President Ames led most of it, giving trainings and leading councils as we discussed the issues and solutions to cultural and idiomatic problems that we are trying to resolve. Some of the things that were shared, I already knew from personal experience, but I hope and pray that the topics discussed will be a great help to all  of the missionaries that were there. The council itself was four hours including a lunch from a restaurant called Costa Vida, it was like Chipotle in a sense, where we got tortillas and loaded up what we wanted to eat. We also role played how we would teach and invite people to commitments, that is always helpful, to see the teaching methods of one missionary, review how it went, and repractice.

Bus and Taxi
So Saturday it did begin to rain a little bit, but not as bad as last week. This time we had rain as a light drizzle everywhere, but we were excited. There was a baptism at 5 pm, and someone we are teaching accepted to go! The only problem was getting down there, the other missionaries were in a meeting for preparing zone conference and about 45 minutes away. So we took the bus, we walked to a nearby stop, called the bus line, figured out the time it was going to come by, and walked to a subway to buy some dinner before we got there using some gift cards that were given to us by some awesome people. As we were walking back, literally ten feet from the stop, the bus zoomed by…. So we sat and waited for the next one to come in 15 minutes, it came on time, we hopped on and rode it to central Fort Worth, and waited for the next one, we soon realized that it wasn’t going to come for another 45 minutes! So in a mad dash to be there on time (it was about 4:45 by that point) we got in a Taxi and rode to the church, the driver was really cool, I struggled to understand his English a little, but he was from Nigeria and had been to the temple grounds there! He kept telling us how beautiful the temple as and how he wanted to go inside. So we invited him to go to church the following sunday! He said he would and since he drove us to the church he knows where it is (he said he thought is was a Baptist church every time he passed by). Our investigator came to the baptism, we had a church tour, and they came on Sunday to worship services! It was fantastic! I know that prayers are being answered and that this work moves forth!

I love yall!
Elder Grant HagenJanuary 2015 zone conference

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