Investigator Interiews

I know that is tomorrow, but I wont be able to e-mail then.. I love your e-mail this week, were you able to get all the pictures that I sent? I definitely look like I have food in the picture sister Ames took… awkward… but that’s alright.

Picture posted by the Ames', who are the mission presidents

Picture posted by the Ames’, who are the mission presidents

I know that it is a tie pin… but I have seen so many people just put them on the lapels, so That is where it will stay. It is the one that yall sent for Christmas, and I wear it on my suit always. I almost lost the back end of it on Sunday as I was taking off my shoulder bag.

So lets see what happened this week.

There was a baptism on Saturday of a really cool 11 year old who is super awesome, I got to interview him for his baptism and he has such a great testimony, I am sure that he knows more than I did at his age. We were able to go to his baptism, we hitchhiked bus rides down (we have passes, I am not doing anything crazy or illegal.) It took about 45 minutes worth of rides, but we were able to talk to the guy next to us on the bus until he got a phone call… We left him a pass along card, I hope he goes to

I also interviewed another investigator who is going to get baptized this sunday! That will be super awesome, he was absolutely ready to be baptized and is really excited. We just took about half an hour after church, went to an unused class, and held the interview, read some scriptures, and he bore a powerful and wonderful testimony all the way through.

We also went to the stock yards on Tuesday after e-mailing, and I sat on a steer…
January 2015 bull riding

got some fun pictures, also, Elder Shepherd next to the underground pig and sheep tunnels that take them from the pens to the cargo area.
January 2015 Elder Shepherd in the underground corrals
Elder Ray also borrowed my camera… jejeje
January 2015 stolen camera

we were given a basket of Fruit as well, so here is elder Shepherd riding with a basked of fruit. A less active woman who is super awesome gave it to us, free food is always appreciated, and I think it is more of a cultural thing to accept it?
January 2015 Elder Shepherds talents

Well I hope you have a wonderful week. I love you, you aren’t getting older, just progressing in wisdom.
Con amor,
Elder Grant Hagen


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