Picture Novel

Hey Father,

My week was wonderful and full of service, we had Zone conference on Thursday for 7 hours! I did a baptismal interview yesterday, and 6.5 hours of service! I also have a lot of stockyard pictures to send, ya know, since a picture is worth a thousand words, here’s a multi-email novel of the week.

Email 1

Picture 1: A cool mural, there are quite a few different ones around here,
January 2015 site seeing 1
2: this is the “Mexican of Northside”? At least that is what I think of this statue

January 2015 site seeing 3
3. Exchange Street that leads into the stockyards, (we need to come to a rodeo here, (Every Friday) after the mission)

January 2015 Elder Shepherd in the underground corrals
4. The coliseum, this building is pretty old, and one of the original buildings of Fort Worth, this is where they hold the rodeos.
January 2015 site seeing 2

Email 2

1 Riskey’s Stakehouse cow, (he knows his fate)
January 2015 site seeing 4
2 The longhorns, Fun fact, long horns are not bred for beef, nor milk, usually just for the horns, but more often just for the wealthy to show their status.
January 2015 site seeing 5
3. Normally you have to pay to get a picture with the cow, but the owner, (after making a few jokes about Mormons) really opened up and decided he wanted to let us have a picture with it to show his care and support for us. He was really cool, and knows lots of missionaries who come through the stockyards.
January 2015 bull riding
4. This is yours, it is a size 13, the only pair they had, and they were a bit more expensive, to answer your question, I did get the other boots, I tried to give them to a missionary who couldn’t afford any (most cant but now I have a pair I found, The pair I bought, the pair you sent back, and the ones I am sending to you) but they didn’t fit him. I am trying to find someone who will appreciate them.
January 2015 boots for dad

Email 3

1. Little dog who wouldn’t leave us alone as we visited an elderly less active member, it chased us down the street and ran along side my bike as we left, my speedometer said I was going 15MPH…
January 2015 dog
2. We made burgers, I killed a plastic spatula, and we set off the fire alarm in the process, but it turned out delicious.
January 2015 dinner

So there are 10 pictures, I will save some for mom, Since I have this week well journaled, and I don’t know how to best explain all that happened.

Take care!
Elder Grant Hagen


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