Zone Leaders and a Truck


Well we are in a local University library in their computer section, apparently this is where I will be e-mailing from for now on. Life for me has changed so much! It has also been quite busy! I am excited that President Lemmon was called to be the Stake President, I know he will fulfill his calling and is chosen by God to serve as our Stake President.

Things that happened this week:

I packed everything I own into two suitcases, and a laundry basket.

I said goodbye to Elder Shepherd, (I have seen him already this week)

I got in a black Honda Acura with a member from the spanish ward, and he drove me to transfers at the Hurst Stake Center. When I got there I helped weigh and load suitcases for the departing missionaries with my new companion (see first picture) he is Elder Hepworth! I may have mentioned in past e-mails but he was my District Leader in Denton right before I became District Leader! He is super awesome, pretty funny, and goes home in about 5 weeks now. He is from Sunnyside Utah!
We were then in charge of cleanup and we had to give the transfer coordinator companionship (also the Spanish Training Leaders) a ride home, so we were there for a large chunk of time.

However! I do have a car, actually it is a chevy truck! One of the older ones in the mission (from 2013) and since we are Zone leaders, we are both the designated drivers so we switch off driving each day.

Some of my duties:
Uplift and inspire the other missionaries by our example.
Organize Zone Councils(Tomorrow), Interviews, and Zone Conferences.
Attend the Missionary Leadership Council on the first Friday of each month, that was last Friday.
Report Key Indicators,
and more!

This is a large amount of material, and today is the first day that I haven’t worn my suit the whole time!

Our area is pretty big, we are still in a spanish ward, Elder Hepworth is fluent in Spanish. We cover Three stakes! they all fit into our spanish ward boundries, so lots of travel sometimes to get to an area. The people here are amazing! We have to search for the hispanics, but the ones we find are definitely ready and open for the Gospel!

I have also been good at recording my journals at night if we get home too late to write. I have been making the recording device worth its weight.

The box can go upstairs until October.

The other two pictures are of missionaries I have known who went home on Wednesday, transfers the day of a missionaries beginning, and for others, the death. Elder Cook was my first District Leader, a kind and bold missionary, Elder Profit I didnt know too well, but he was an Assistant a few transfers back, he has been someone I have respected my whole mission.

I know I could go into more detail, but I have to wrap up…
I love you so much! I hope you have a great week enjoy your “sisters trip”
Take amor!
Elder Grant Hagen

New companion Elder Hepworth

New companion Elder Hepworth

February 2014 elder cook

February 2014 elder profit


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