Grounded by Weather

I am e-mailing a day late, so this is different. Texas froze over yesterday so that was an intense realization that we were immobile. So we cleaned, planned, and got out on foot in the ice, and taught! 

No bike riding or car driving allowed because of extreme freeze.

No bike riding or car driving allowed because of extreme freeze.

I did get that amazing package! Thank you so much! The candy has been all eaten.. but the massive Hershey’s kiss lasted a little while on my desk, the only thing damaged in travel was the plastic case around the chocolate, and the metal canister was a little dented.
Giant Kiss

Giant Kiss

This week I also saw a really cool hotel it was called (see pictures) it reminded me of some great times with my family and how much I love them. 
February 2015 great wolf 2

We had a wonderful family trip to a Great Wolf Lodge in Washington state once

We had a wonderful family trip to a Great Wolf Lodge in Washington state once

Today is weird since I feel like I am not too sure what to write, usually I have a plan or key things that happened the week before that stuck out to me and I wanted to mention. We did have three investigators at church, each of them is super amazing and on their way to being baptized! We also got our truck back on Wednesday of last week! We were at the church, got a ride home with some english Elders, and then at home, we called the dealership and the mission office, learned that the truck was ready, then had to ask the elders to come back, and drop us off at the dealership right next to the church… 
So I mentioned that yesterday froze, well the day before that we had church, we decided to go and knock a few doors before church of some of the families we are teaching. Got to church, it was ward conference! The Stake President shared a very powerful talk on the use of the atonement, that it isnt us doing as much as we can then Christ fufilling the rest, he described it as a story in a book a member wrote
       “a man’s young daughter came to him and said she wanted to buy a bike, he replied, ‘you will need to save your pennies’ She answered, ‘okay daddy I will!’ within a few weeks she returned and told her father that she was ready to go buy a bike! It was a suprise for the father as he had thought that by the time she had enough to buy a bike she would want a car! But true to his word, they went all around town until they had found the perfect bike. It was perfect just for her, and with the price tag hanging between the handle bars, with joy she turned it over, and all the happiness she had disappeared. In tears she said ‘oh daddy it is just too much’ It cost over a hundred dollars. The loving father asks ‘well how much do you have?’ the distraught daughter replied that she had saved all of her money and in total it was 67 cents. The father said, give me all you have, and a hug and a kiss, and I will buy the bike.” 
That was the story he shared. Maybe I didn’t explain it as well, I wish I caught the name of the book he was sharing. But the point is, no matter what we do, we wont be able to reach perfection, we must turn to Christ now. That is what we did at our baptism, we have access to his atonement now, his yoke is ours. It isn’t a thought of “once I reach that point up there I will have his help” but we have taken upon ourselves his name, and can and should turn to him now! It was quite inspiring for me and I am grateful that our investigators were able to listen to that wonderful talk.
I hope you have a great week! I love you!
Elder Grant Hagen

Dear Father,

Today is my first time ever driving in the ice! We got permission to drive from 12 to 6 today! So that is making this an interesting day, that we plan to make the most out of!
8 months!?!?!? That seems like a really short amount of time, I have always felt the mission is going fast, but I never seemed to think that I would get to feel that I am old… Plus! My companion goes home in 3 weeks, he mentions it everyone once and awhile but hasn’t gotten trunky. I for sure won’t!
We also got our truck back on Wednesday, it was a nice improvement to our transportation, but it makes it harder to contact the people on the street sometimes.
It poured rain on Sunday and Monday it froze over, today there is a bit of ice and about 32 degrees right now. So it is pretty cold, but I am staying super warm with the thermals and jackets I have!
We still have a baptismal date but the investigator is going to move to another city before the baptism, so I will need to set some more dates, but we had three amazing people at church on Sunday!
Our ward is all spanish, some people can speak English, some can’t but all the services are in Spanish.
P-days so far have been on foot except for the first, since we didnt have the truck, and yesterday it froze over. So normally we do our necesities then play basketball, but we have had time to relax in the apartment.
There are a few good fried chicken places, but in the stockyards in my last area, I have to take yall to Riskeys bar-b-que it was really good! They have a rib buffet!
I hope you have a great week! I love you!
Elder Grant Hagen

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