Welcome in March (for the last time)

 I guess I have to welcome March! 

Time, I don’t think you are getting older, it is the world progressing around you, follow Grandma Hagen’s example and stay young forever! Wouldnt that be funny if you were a grandma in a decade? JAJAJAJAJA! 
Thank you for sending me that talk, I think I have read that in the ensign, some apartments have ensigns back to 1992. I love studying the plan of salvation, this morning I read Alma 5 and what stood out to me was the understand of what it means to be saved. Salvation is not a “one time”, “been there accomplished that”, moment. I have met, and probably will still meet people, who tell me the stories of what day and event in which they were saved! Usually they are great spiritual moments, just not interpreted to their true nature. Salvation comes from enduring, understanding, learning. God wants us to learn about him, like a father who wants to be found, he leaves teachings, guidance, and understanding for us to reach so when we do eventually get to him, we will realize how much we have become like him. If, we choose that path, choose to follow him. About a transfer or two ago, I decided I needed to understand the gospel more, So I realized that the Gospel is made of Doctrine, Covenants, Laws, Ordinances, and Principles. In each topic there are sub-topics, all relating to and depending on faith in Jesus Christ and his Atonement, which is the first Principle of the Gospel. Quite a fun adventure that study was and I have it written out in my notebook. I have also taking the time to chart out and am scripture cataloging the Doctrine of the Plan of Salvation. For that is extensive, as you shared a part in your wonderful e-mail and I want to know more! OH! I just realized that I made that connection to what elder Oaks was saying by what I was studying in either Alma 42, or Alma 11, somewhere about the Resurrection. We will receive our perfect bodies, everyone knows and loves that promise, we will also receive perfect knowledge! I realize that that is key in the judgement, it will not be something we will unknowingly receive punishment at, or be condemned on false charges. We will know where we will be comfortable, what position we have earned by our actions, how much we have aligned ourselves to all that he has given us, that is why there are multiple kingdoms. That is how God can be Just and Merciful, obeying both of those laws and the Law of Agency as well! We will know and accept what kingdoms we have earned by what we have done. That is part of the beauty of the plan!
Conversion is a fun topic! President Ames writes us a letter each Monday and I read it and write him just before opening myLDSmail. He talked about conversion, there is a talk called “The Fourth Missionary” which is quite beautiful, and there is “Becoming a Consecrated Missionary” By Tad R. Callister if you want to look those up. Many missionaries read those and may become discouraged thinking they are expected to obtain the impossible, to be perfect within two years. He wrote that we must realize that we must become converted! When we get there, we must seek even more light! Life is about progression, improvement, and becoming as you said. 
Thank you for your e-mail. As our mission says “Hurrah For Israel!”
I love you too!
Elder Grant Hagen

Buenas tardes Papa!

I never would have thought you would get an iPad! That is surprising! So what happens with all of your pictures? do you still have the data or was that your phone? I am in the basement computer lab of a local community college writing my e-mails, last week we were in a large public library on the second floor. I am just grateful for the chance I have to e-mail yall and for the fact that you all e-mail me as well! My companion is getting less and less mail now that he is going home in 2 weeks! It is really bumming him out since he doesn’t want his mission to end, but everyone else seems to have accepted the fact. ENDURE TO THE END! Jajajaja at least thats what I think he wants his family to do. Maybe they e-mailed him today though, I don’t know.
Cool story of this week, we had interviews with President Ames! I always look forward to interviews and zone conferences as great learning opportunities. Now, I have to set up! So we have a baptismal goal as a mission for the year, and he helped explain a bit more. Goals are a measurement of progress, like the data that a doctor receives to know how “living” his patient is, or in our case, the “life” of the area. We can’t let ourselves be run by our numerical goals, but we must use them as tools to measure and evaluate.
As far as funky foods, I have had menudo, which is cow stomach, and lots of cultural dishes from different nations, papusas, empenadas, different salsas, pasole, yesterday we had a dish from uruguay called Noukis? It was a potato pasta with beef and cheese, really good! There are also things called tortitas de Papas, which are like tortillas or pancakes made of potato, egg, and cheese. I havent been able to have much of a variety of foods, most mexican dishes are beef, chicken or pork. I have definitely had variety though!
Not so weird food, waffles a la Grant

Not so weird food, waffles a la Grant

We also got the truck back, but during the  cold we were walking a while, Monday, Friday, and Saturday were pretty cold, Texas iced over so we were on foot for most of the day. Then when it hasnt been frozen or snowing, we are getting a bit of a mist/ light rain on everything. The truck is holding up though!
Elders with a truck

Elders with a truck

As for our baptismal dates, one of them we will have to reschedule since they didn’t come to church, the other is still going to be baptized but moved to the Arlington area so they will teach them now. Super cool people though! I am thouroughly convinced that we will baptize a family in this area either this transfer or the next. I just need to be persistent!
I hope you have a great week! I love you!
 Elder Grant Hagen

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