Cousin Found

I discovered this week that there is a sister Morrill in Grant’s mission. After talking to her mom via Facebook we discovered that they are 3rd cousins. We were pretty excited about that.


This week was pretty good, Texas had a bit of real snow! Not rain that turns into ice but on Thursday there was real snowfall. Thankfully we were planning so we didn’t have to be outside, but by the time we were done, the roads had cleared up things were beginning to melt, and we had driving privileges again! 
march 15 snow and ice
I have also heard of Sister Morrill before, I have never met her, but I wondered if we were related, and just assumed so. You said she is serving in Coppers Cove, that is a ways away in the South and she will probably finish her mission before I meet her. 
Wow so the daylight savings wasn’t super exciting for me, losing a precious hour of sleep is not fun, especially as a missionary. On Sunday we had a meeting we had to be at at 7 for Ward Council, since church starts at 8:30. We had planned to get up at 5:45 to get ready and pick up the other elders at 6:45, but our phone, which was supposed to be our alarm didnt switch over! what ended up happening is that since I had changed the time on my alarm clock the night before, it went off at 6:15 and we realized we had half an hour to eat, get ready and go, so that was a rush! We got there on time, but I prefer planning out my time ahead of the moments I need to act. 
Sunday night was super cool. We drove up to a city called Southlake, (google map it) it is a very nice city with beautiful homes. We had dinner with a family that lives up there and they trust us to help teach their friends and acquaintances the Gospel. When a member tells you that they can and are trusting you is a relieving feeling. Lets me know that I am acting and representing the Lord in the  way I need to be. They are a super cool family that met at BYU but come from spanish speaking countries! So they have cultural dinners when we come over! This time they made this small pancake sized cormeal things that looked like english muffins in appearance and shape, but they were cornmeal, we cut them open and put shredded beef and cheese inside and it was delicious! 
When we finished at the members’ home, we needed to be back at our stake center for a fireside that our mission president puts on every second Sunday of the month. This one was special for several reasons. First, we were running late, it starts at 7, we were 20 minutes away, and it was 6:50… I was driving. We did not get there on time due to speed limits. We are the companionship in charge of opening the building anytime the mission has an event, so thankfully someone covered for us. We are the only companionship that has access to the translation equipment so missionaries can translate the firesides for their spanish investigators and members who come. We did get that done as each spanish missionary was translating before we got there by whispering to their investigators.
So those were the challenges, but the fireside itself was beautiful. It began with a man named Steve who bore his testimony, he was a recent convert and called the missionaries during dinner one night after a sincere prayer and told them he needed to be baptized. This was after a while of investigation and study, but he found it out on his own. 
A girl named Dennise shared her testimony, I was at her baptism exactly a month and a day before. She told the whole story of when she first met the missionaries to when she decided to be baptized. We are teaching her parents now and they came to the fireside for the first time to hear their daughter give a talk! They loved the whole thing and are amazing and wonderful people! 
Then there was a musical number, a senior couple in the mission, President Ames, his wife and son, and the assistants Elders Haufano and Fitzgerald sang “I need thee every hour” and it was a powerful spiritual moment for all of us. I wish I had my recorder with me… :/
President Ames then ends the fireside with a talk and testimony and this time he shared some powerful insight, he referred to everyone there as his friends, at one point, and his brothers and sisters in Christ in another. His talk was a touching teaching of the love that our father has, the joy and rejoicing he must have as he had said when his only begotten was baptized This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.that was a great moment. He talked about the true nature of God, how he is our father, and that his son is Jesus Christ, they are two separate beings distinct, as we learn as Christ calls to his father throughout the New Testament. This is doctrine that has been scattered for about 2000 years, and many people dont realize they are two beings when we teach them. But they need to know. 
We also had MLC (Missionary Leadership Council) on Friday, it was about 5 hours long, from 10 to 3 but we had Chik-fil-et(?) for lunch so that was delicious. 
I hope you have a great week! I love you!
Elder Grant Hagen
Dinner at a members house

Dinner at a members house


Crazy Elder Hepworth

Crazy Elder Hepworth





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