He is gone, gone all the way of the earth as Lehi states it… so strange and unreal, life is the mission now…

Mi Amada Madre,

So transfers happened, I was a bit sad and a little shell-shocked of my companion going home, he is gone, gone all the way of the earth as Lehi states it… so strange and unreal, life is the mission now…
It sound like ward conference was a great experience! I am glad Bishop Homes talked about service, I need to write him again, I had plans to do it soon, maybe today. Have yall used Justserve.org yet? what kind of service opportunities have yall had? our mission is using it and it has helped so much in letting the people of Texas know we are human beings too!
What kind of missionary experience have yall recently had?
I am now serving with Elder Hansen! He is from Sandy Utah! Actually, just a few blocks from where aunt Jen used to live! Maybe they were in the same ward??!?!! I will have to ask him.
New comp. Elder Hansen

New comp. Elder Hansen

March 15 new comps edit

Hmm well I wish I had some super exciting things to talk about, oh! I am in choir still, we had a rehearsal on Friday right after transfers so some missionaries got transferred out of the metro-plex and wont be able to be in it due to travel time 😦 I am still there though! We have 8 songs we are going to sing for the friday just before General Conference! That is an exciting day! To be able to hear from the Apostles and the First Presidency!
So recently we are teaching people the Nature of God, since in the beginning of the Preach my Gospel lessons it states: “God is our Loving Heavenly Father” SO what does that mean? It is amazing about all the different beliefs and concepts of who God is, and why is it so important?
Some say that he is comparable to a cloud, big enough to fill the universe but small enough to dwell in your heart…
Texas sky at Sunset

Texas sky at Sunset

Some say that it is like an egg, The father, the son, the holy ghost all fit together like a shell, the white and the egg yolk…
Some say that it is a time line, first the father, then Christ, then the Holy Ghost in our time.
This doctrine is so important to understand, and we get it, we know who our FATHER is, where we came from, why we are here.
In Genesis 1:26, it uses two important words, and so far, I have seen them in every bible translation, US, and OUR:
Why are they used?
In John, chapter 1 verses 1 and 14, Who is the WORD? and how can the word be with God, be god, and be sent to earth to dwell in the Flesh?
In John 17 the intercessory prayer, who is Jesus praying to?
When our beloved Savior went to the Garden of Gethsemane why did he say “father remove this cup from me, never the less, let thy will not mine, be done”
If someone doesn’t understand this concept, the first vision goes WHOOSH! Right over their head, they have no idea why there were TWO beings that appeared to Joseph Smith and none of it clicks in their head.
It is difficult to understand the sacrifice that took place almost 1986 years ago in a garden of olive trees, on a cross, then a few days later, from a tomb. That we hold and revere as the Atonement, the most important act to have ever taken place on this earth. We know why that act took place, how through it we can return to our father in heaven.
We know that when Christ refers to being one, it is his purpose, his will and the fathers and the Holy Ghost are perfectly aligned to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man!
So who is ready for that message?
I know that God wants his children to know who he is, why we are here, and how much he loves us.
I have asked people, “if God appeared in front of you, what would be his features?” That question doesnt make sense to a lot of people, they dont understand he has a figure. He has: two eyes, a nose, two ears, a mouth, two hands, two feet, two arms, two legs. We are made in his image because he is our loving heavenly father.
I understand this more now, it is making sense, we shared this with a member who has been baptized for two years, and it was hard, he at one moment said, “you mean to say that what I have known, or tried to understand for my whole life up until now is wrong?” We asked him, and he said, it is hard to accept but it makes sense.
I love you, best of luck with Tayler, I will write him.
I hope you have a wonderful week, and I hope I dont sound too preachy, that message just came into my mind and I felt it needed shared.
Elder Grant Hagen
Companions and Texas skies

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